Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What fun!

Today was fun!
This is what I enjoy doing more than anything.

Teenie tiny doodle posies!
I made 14 place settings for a Christmas party tonite for "The Little Paper."
Vicki, is giving these little posies in vintage bottles as gifts to her staff. How sweet is that!?

I'm going to have to go bottle hunting soon!

It was one glorious moment after the next today. I was at the computer when the door opened and the squealing began! My dear friend Priscilla and her darling Nico surprised me today. She's been living abroad with her french boyfriend and they've just recently come home for Priscilla to finish University. They are good people! Welcome home dear darlings!

Well off to do a focus group on pizza! Holla!
Alison : > xo


Anonymous said...

God, those bottles just look gorgeous! You are so talented, and i just love reading this thing. It's really fun! xx e

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