Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Here we come!!

I can honestly say that 2010 has been the most rewarding, thrilling, consistently happy year of my life. I am so blessed. If 2011 is even half as good as 2010, I am the luckiest gal in the land. Thank you to my dear friends and family and to my love Tyler for being such an amazing support team. What a year we had sweet love! Tyler just informed me on the phone this morning that 2011 is the year of the rabbit!! Can you believe it? If you recall our engagement story you'll understand why this is so terribly amazing. The year of the rabbit!!! Ha! The Coriander Dad just left the building. We spent a good afternoon together on this last day of 2010 in the shop. He showed up with Swiss Chalet while my friend Karen and Maisy were visiting so we all had a nip of that fabulous crack chicken. He drove off with his newest cd blaring Johnny Cash as loud as it would go, compliments of Tyler. Love you Diddy.

I'm not so much a fan of resolutions as I am of goal setting so here it is, my little list.
Aspirations for 2011

1. walk down the aisle as a healthy and relaxed woman
2. bake more
3. travel often
4. get on top of my accounting like a surgeon with a laser
5. sew more
6. take more pictures
7. finish our bathroom reno
8. eat better
9. throw more dinner parties
10. get our rabbit neutered (little doodle)
11. secure more weekly floral contracts
12. buy a really expensive hand bag and not feel guilty
13. play more Scrabble
14. start my yoga practise and stick with it
15. world domination or just my own show
16. breathe
17. do memory strengthening exercises
18. don't forget to do memory strengthening exercises.
19. make choices from my heart
20. show more gratitude for all the beauty that surrounds me
20.5. dance as much as possible

Happy New year to all of you my dears. May 2011 be your happiest and healthiest year yet!
I love this picture from September 2010. The day we got the keys and headed up the stairs to our first home.

Alison xo

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season!
Coriander Girl will re-open on Wednesday the 29th after some much needed r+r and maybe a healthy dose of t+s, that's tea and shortbread!
I'm gonna stay in bed or on the couch all day tomorrow. Who's with me!? Bed/couch days rule!
Alison xo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My very first centre fold!

I thought I'd be in a bikini but instead my flowers have their very first centre fold in the very prestigious Toronto Life Wedding Guide! Coriander Girl is hangin' with some pretty big guns in this issue! Thank you to the amazing people at Toronto Life for including me in this super awesome floral spread. I am not at all capable of remaining composed with things like this. I let out a rather high pitched squeal tonight in Chapters and looked over to find five people grimacing over my delight, clearly they had been standing in lineups for far too long this evening. Well, I think there needs to be a serious dance party in the shop tomorrow people(Wednesday) if anyone feels like celebrating get your butts down here!
Thanks for your endless support dear hearts.
Alison xo

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Even when there is no time

Even when you're tired and there is no time because you have to pack and head back to Toronto to tend to your fledgling baby bird of a business, sometimes you've gotta stop and buy a Christmas tree from the local garden centre to surprise your love when he arrives home from a long days work.
Merry Christmas my darling.
Alison xo

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sir Fig Newton and the CG gift guide

I have a shop mouse. I've decided to call him Sir Fig Newton because I think that's what I found him eating in the rubbish bin this morning. And, well, since he's here beside me, WE are very pleased to bring you Coriander Girl's gift guide. We went around the shop today taking pictures of things we think you and your loved ones should have this holiday season, okay that's not true he sat in a coffee cup while I did all the work but he does have this to say, "Listen here humans, anyone can go to big box stores and buy lots of super fun stuff but you aren't supporting local shops like this one that need your dollars to stay alive." Pretty profound for a baby rodent wouldn't you say? Am I using Sir Fig as a cheap ploy to get you to shop at my store...most definitely.

There he is the little doodle. And yes those are his arms splayed out like he's yelling, "stop, don't shoot!" Ah-mazing.

Honey Pie Hives and Herbals $12.50 gift bag!

The Merrill Inn's famous Waupoos Cider for that foodie friend of yours $10

A $25 bouquet is always a hit! Bring in a vase and I'll fill it for you!

$5 posies make a great inexpensive hostess gift, drop it in an apothecary bottle or milk glass vase for $10

Local artisan Frank Trotz makes beautiful vessels for that special someone from $45

The Sassy Lamb has made whimsical aprons for that gardening friend of yours $28

What a perfect way to spread joy with a set of three Philosopher Stones from $18

Other gifts to consider, Coriander Girl gift certificates, Erin Candela cards and botanical prints, Shira Leuchter letterpress Christmas cards, framed pressed flowers starting at $60 and Ella's Botanicals lotions and soaps.

So come on down, Sir Fig Newton and I implore you. Okay no, he's still not really participating but rather having a good go at a wheat thin I tossed in recently.
xo Alison

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Coriander Girl in Weddingbells!

My endless gratitude goes out to the lovely women of Weddingbells magazine for including me in this phenomenal Spring + Summer issue for 2011. A special thank you to Roseanne Dela Rosa~associate editor, Stephanie Gray~online editor and Alison McGill~Weddingbells magazine Editor-In-Chief. You ladies rock it.

I was delighted to have been asked to take part in this issue but then to see that two weddings that Coriander Girl did flowers for this past summer were also featured in the magazine, well that just took me over the edge! Congratulations to Jenny and Lee, your wedding was absolutely divine, a perfect mix of humour and class just like the two of you! Click here to see more of their lovely wedding pics by the incredible Joseph + Jaime on And a special congratulations to my friends Shira and Chris for their DIY wedding extravaganza, also hilarious people. How could you look that beautiful Shira and that composed after doing so many things yourself!? Of course Chris was there to help too but seriously, you guys are amazing. Click here to see their "Groovy kind a love" slideshow.

So, it's a celebratory day! Break out the wine and cheese and have a dance for me!

Alison xo

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fa la la la la la la la la

It's that time again, so get your orders in early for centre pieces and holiday arrangements! Coriander Girl will be open late the week before Christmas Tuesday the 21st through to Christmas eve until 7pm! Can I get a fist pump and an air hump!?
Whoomp there it is! Shaka laka!
Alison xo

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's just one of those dancin' days

So the weather outside is frightful but the shop is so delightful! Okay, not a soul has passed through the door besides the amazing Coriander Dad and my best friend Bitty. Lovely to see them and the soup my Da made was incredible but we're gonna need to dance this stress off people. Who's with me?!! Put on your favourite song and dance it off. I'm telling you I feel so much better from a good ol' fashioned shimmy and a shake.
Let's do this!

Ahhhhh, much better.
Alison xo

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coriander Girl on Style Me Pretty!?

This summer Coriander Girl did bouquets and boutonnieres for the loveliest couple Alex and Lia. When Lia and I met I sort of freaked out when I learned her last name was Parsley, like fate had flung us together. Parsley and Coriander? I know! Anyway this beauty just sent me a note with a link to their amazing wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. I am a huge fan of this wedding site, it's an absolute thrill to be a part of this! Congratulations Alex and Lia!

Photography by Mango Studios.

Alison xo

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A most perfect day

December 1st.
Snow storm, cosy blankets, hot tea, almond brittle, a good book and a prolonged hug. All of this makes for a most perfect day.

The view this afternoon from our living room.
Alison xo