Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our little lady is due today!

Our little girl is due to arrive today! 40 weeks of baking this little bean and I think I can officially say we're ready....well....sort of. 
How do you prepare for the coming of a human to join your blissful party of 2? You read a couple books, you buy all the necessities, try to prep your business for your absence and you wait. 
It's been an extraordinary nine months. I've watched my skinny little body morph into a voluptuous round curvy ball of bodacious-ness. Of course, I won't mind losing a few pounds but I love my curvy new bits. I think I look healthier than I have in years. And my skin! What the heck?! It's the glowy dewy perfection I always wished for in high school! These hormones have definitely helped me more then they've hurt. I know I'm lucky in that regard, don't hate me ladies, when the clock strikes twelve it's pumpkin time and this luscious mama might just shrivel up like an ol' prune. 
Truly, I have had a pretty awesome pregnancy, aside from the general exhaustion and some gastrointestinal stuff. I was never nauseas and actually at times felt better pregnant then not. However, I haven't LOVED being pregnant. If there was a check box with an alternative option for carrying a human, I might check it. For example check the appropriate box 1. Your husband, 2. A robot 3. A kangaroo  I'm okay with those options. Honestly, Tyler would have been a baby carrying soldier. He's been an absolute dream of a partner these last nine months, far exceeding my already high expectations of him. He's put up with a lot. It's amazing he can still fit in the bed what with all the pillows I've accumulated and demand be placed around me, just so. But if he were carrying our little noodle, I wonder, would he even burden me with his woes? Would he demand late night chocolate runs and abdominal massage at 3am? Probably no. He's a natural born nurturer and I simply cannot wait to see him with our daughter. He will love her fiercely and spend his days living to make her laugh and feel loved just as he has done for me. Man we are lucky ladies!
So, to wrap it up, our babe could arrive tonight, she's feeling low and walking has become a 
challenge. But, I also know that it could be another 2 weeks. What I ask from you dear friends is to wish for me strength and courage during labour and that our baby arrives safely and healthily. Imagine my milk flowing in like the white rushing river rapids of the BC mountains, or don't if that makes you uncomfortable, lol. Send me a speedy, painless recovery and a smooth transition back to our home in Prince Edward County. Our time here together in Toronto as we wait for our little one has been absolutely magical, it's like we've been tourists in our own city, like a honeymoon of sorts. I know I'll look back on this time with such fondness and carry these memories with me like little souvenieres.
The thought of labour actually excites me now, thanks to Ina May Gaskin. I'm going to the mountain, I'm going to bring back our daughter. I'll never be the same again and I'm okay with that.  
Much love.
Alison xo