Friday, September 24, 2010

My blog my blog my blog, my lovely lady blog

Hello dear darlings!
Where've you guys been? Oh it's me who's been away... I see. ; >
Well, the good news is that this Coriander Girl is getting some serious r and r. Tyler and I have been exploring our new community and we're falling madly, deeply in love with it. We're also in the early planning stages of our wedding and I'm blogging about it weekly for Weddingbells.
In other news, the shop is doing so well! My right hand woman Kerri, well-what can I say? She's breakin' necks and cashin' cheques. Well, maybe not breaking necks cuz that would be bad but she's busy being super awesome, just look at her beautiful work below!

And my dear friend Erin Candela(artist extraordinaire) is taking a few shifts here and there to help out and she is also ah-mazing! To know that the shop is in such good hands while I'm away, it's really very magnificent.
New product is arriving daily, some from vendors you're already familiar with like Ella's Botanicals and The Philosophers Stone- which, by the way, is such beautiful art. These stones are cored and then worked on for hours and my goodness they are stunning vessels.

And guess who's back in full effect... The Sassy-ist Lamb in town! The Sassy Lamb! Jaime Dobbs has done it again with her sweet little garden aprons for that special gardening friend of yours. Heck, buy one for yourself and I'll pay the tax on both of them if you mention this post.

It's my favourite time of year and I'm feelin' like dancin'!!! Who's with me?!!
Click it and kick it!

Alison xo

Friday, September 17, 2010

A life in balance

I dream of a life in balance. We are inching closer with each passing day thanks to our decision to buy a home in Belleville. It has proven to be the best decision we've made together as a couple.

We move slowly here, we cook here, we walk along the river here, we are healthy here.

Coriander Girl needs me to be healthy and balanced. It's been an incredible year, the hardest working year of my life and I owe the business a healthier version of myself, a more rested and nourished, clear minded me.
Things are beginning to shift.
Alison xo

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New shop worth visiting! Russet and Empire!

My totally super rad friend Micah just opened a shop in the Junction called Russet and Empire! Congratulations lady!!!
I think she's an ambassador of cool, so you'll want to check out all of her amazing finds! She sells old and new and even has some exclusive soaps that can only be found at her place or ah-hem, Holt Renfrew!! She also has a super rad husband named Matthew and a super rad doodle baby named Oscar!
Coriander Girl wishes you all an exciting and successful first year and many more to come!
Also, best logo ever award goes to... Am I right!?
Alison xo

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Movin' and Groovin'

Tyler and I are officially homeowners! We are all moved in. I took all of last week off from Coriander Girl while Kerri watched the shop and we did some serious work on the new place. When you have an incredible team of family helping, you can sure get a lot accomplished. My heart is bursting with gratitude for Penny and Bill Hogan who stepped up to help us in so many ways and to my dear parents, Donna and Wally for all you've done, your generosity is so greatly appreciated. Trav and Natasha, for moving us down five flights and no elevator, we owe you big time! Coriander Dad, you know I'd sink without you. The loving support of our friends and family astounds us, thanks for all the well wishes these past couple of months. We are truly blessed and we know it.

Saturday night fever, I know I'm burnin' up!

Penny on a latter painting away, this sight is nothing new. I swear this woman doesn't stop! I didn't get a pic of my mom but she also had a hand in painting our place. Thanks beauties!

This little desk was built by my great grandfather for his daughter many years ago, my dad gave it to us for the new place.
The white quilt on our bed is from the lovely ladies at Feather Factory. If you haven't been yet, you must go.

Just a little teaser of some of the work we've done on the place. We feel so spoiled to have laundry in our home! We're used to lugging it five flights down with no guarantee of an available machine. My darling, after working a full day would often do mine as I was far too exhausted to go up and down those darn stairs. Our first night at the house we lay in bed giggling like school children. This home is quickly becoming a haven for us.

Blog 2 has just gone live today on Weddingbells. Click here!
Alison xo

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look what can happen in a year!

It's official! Coriander Girl has been open for one whole year!! And today just happens to be the day my very first employee starts! And, if you can believe it, it's also the day I start writing for Weddingbells! September 2nd is a significant day in my life for some reason. And Yesterday wasn't too shabby either, Tyler and I finally moved into our beautiful new home. We still can't believe we're homeowners. One might think I'm bragging but guys, I need you to know just how stunned I am by all of these blessings. It really is true, that when you decide you deserve to be happy, things become so much simpler. I made a commitment to myself not long ago to seek out lifes pleasures and look what I found, PLEASURE!!
My heart is spilling open with gratitude to all of you for your unwaivering support and kindness. I started this blog when the shop opened as a diary of sorts for me to remember this experience. I never expected anyone to read it, let alone like it. I'm blown away that you like it! In school I was told constantly that my essay writing was far too verbose, like one giant run on sentence. I guess Mrs. Goyer didn't realize I was preparing myself for the blog world, but how could she? The blog world didn't even exist yet!
The second year in business is supposed to be better than the first, I'm not sure how that's possible. All I know is that if it's even half the adventure I had this year, it's gonna knock my socks off all over again! Come into Coriander Girl this Saturday and receive a $5 posy with any purchase!
I'm going to go dance this night away... in my dreams. Sleep well dear hearts.

Alison xo