Friday, September 17, 2010

A life in balance

I dream of a life in balance. We are inching closer with each passing day thanks to our decision to buy a home in Belleville. It has proven to be the best decision we've made together as a couple.

We move slowly here, we cook here, we walk along the river here, we are healthy here.

Coriander Girl needs me to be healthy and balanced. It's been an incredible year, the hardest working year of my life and I owe the business a healthier version of myself, a more rested and nourished, clear minded me.
Things are beginning to shift.
Alison xo


Anna said...

Questo post รจ la descrizione perfetta per una ragazza che vive di sogni...ti auguro di realizzarli serenamente!!
Happy w-end, Anna

Unknown said...

Balance, (with hubby, 4 kids, dog and teeny new flower business), is my holy grail also. Hope you find ways and means to achieve your dream of balance. Sometimes one has to be suprisingly practical and decisive to achieve something so elusive, I am discovering.

Your new home is so lovely and I have enjoyed discovering your blog. Belinda x

Russet and Empire said...

but can you get 'yummy food' in belleville? come to the store, we need to scheme!

Jenn said...

Love this post. It's so tricky to achieve that balance, but it's worth the battle!!! I'm so glad that you and Tyler and happy with your decision to move and that it's already bringing more joy into your life!!

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