Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Country Wedding Extravaganza~Part 3.5

What we wore.

Brittany needed a christmas party dress I think, and we found ourselves at the Sherway Gardens... Sherway Gardens! I never dreamed I'd find my wedding dress there but alas, I came out of the dressing room at BCBG to gasps and a few tears, looked my best friend in the eye and said, "Bitty, did I just find my wedding dress at the Sherway Gardens?"
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy and it was under $300. I know right!

My shoes were the most darling little ballet flats from JCREW and my undergarments were from American Apparel.

My hair was loving twisted with the help of my make up artist and dear friend(Britt's sister) Rachel Smith. Who is practically famous for her make up artistry, she travels the world for goodness sake! And in the 11th hour when my veil did not arrive in the post on time, Rachel went out and found me a little feather fascinator to wear from Runway Bridal. She sent over iphone pics to the salon where we were getting our nails done. I chose the smallest, least showy of the bunch and it worked well until midway through the dinner the girls alerted me that the feather had practically taken flight and was doing it's own thing on my head, time to let it go.

Britt's darling little number was found at TNT. I wanted her to look like a goddess of the fields, natural and nymph like. I thought she looked absolutely beautiful.

The boys wore outfits from... wait for it... Le Chateau. Le Chateau!! I'm sorry but that linen suit we found for Tyler was so darling. Who knew Le Chateau had such great pieces and for such good prices. He looked like a cross between Gilbert Blythe(Anne of Green Gables), Sting(when he was with the Police) and a blonde John Stamos. Tyler's tie was from Holt Renfrew and his shoes were from Aldo.

Our bro's also wore shirts and slacks from LC. The Coriander dad's suit was from LC too.

Everyone looked spectacular. Our guests even seemed to match the overall colour scheme!
What a freakin' blast!
Alison xo

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Congratulations to our darling Kerri, her husband Andy and their son Lawson, as they welcomed a new born baby boy to their family this morning!! Oct. 25th, 2011. We're so excited and waiting patiently to know the little doodles name. So exciting!!!

Alison xo

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Country Wedding Extravaganza Part 3~More details

The first and most important element of a wedding is, "where are we gonna have this thing?!", and then for us the food.
My mom and pop's farm was really the only place we considered as it was the most perfect back drop for a wedding. The rolling hills and lush fields were an ideal place for photos. I grew up in those fields, cursing at the sky for being held hostage in the country by my parents. Cursing at the sky, clutching many a broken heart. Cursing at the sky most recently for having to leave and come back to the city... go figure. It seemed fitting to bring this gleeful heart home for the celebration. Tyler was completely on board to have it there, if we couldn't run away with our nearest and dearest to the Italian country side that is.
We used Thompson Tents from Belleville and I have to say that I was absolutely blown away by the customer service Paul and his team provided, thanks BJ! They made us feel like they cared about us and wanted nothing more than to help make our day amazing. Truly, you guys went above and beyond, bringing the extra tent in case of the rain, unbelievable! Tyler and I cannot thank you enough.

Here's my love the day before the wedding, helping decorate the tent, and looking positively edible I might add. "Waiter, I'd like to have the salmon please and for dessert I'll have the Tyler."

What can I say about Bonnie Kubica of BE Catering. This woman is fabulous. The food was fresh and local, just what we had hoped for and more. No chafing dishes here! Bonnie worked with us to create a menu of things we loved, mini local bison burgers, organic beet salad with fresh chevre, and fresh baked rosemary and olive bread just to name a few. And, and, and she kept us laughing along the way, what could be better than that?!

All pictures except the one with Tyler by Joseph and Jaime Photography

And finally dessert, ahhhh dessert. Possibly my second favourite thing on the planet. Not long after we shared the news of our engagement with friends and fellow business owners Edward and Amy, did they come to us with a gift like no other. They offered to do our entire dessert table! These proud owners of the historic Merrill Inn in Picton Ontario(where we got engaged, well sort of, we got engaged in front of Arnie's muffler and general repair and stayed at the Inn), know how to put on a spread. The dessert table was a perfect blend of country bake sale meets fine dining. Home made pies, tarts, crumbles and cupcakes finished off our meal so beautifully. Thank you dear Edward and Amy for making our wedding day so special.

Final details to come, FLOWERS!?, what we wore and what we gave to our guests. Who sang and played instruments, who DJ'd and who drove that tractor?

Here's to walking in fields with your lobster.

Alison xo

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Courage, patience, strength and trust. Love is everywhere. We are not alone.
Alison xo

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Country Wedding Extravaganza Part 3

The Details

Vintage stamps from Send More Mail

I'm going to start at the beginning with the invitations and signage as I feel they really helped set the tone for our wedding. Our jumping off point was the calligraphy. I knew I had to work with the extraordinarily talented Maybelle, who is responsible for the beautiful Coriander Girl logo and so much more. I wanted another incredibly talented friend of mine, Shira Leuchter to do the illustrations, as she does custom illustrations for a living and so beautifully. Next, we had another dear friend, Daniela Patane (Momento Design), put it all together for us. She did the layout and hand cut every single deckled edge herself and gave them to us for our wedding gift. We cannot express enough the gratitude we feel for the amazing work these phenomenal women did for us. Thank you so much beauties!
In the end, the invitations far exceeded our expectations.

Cute little hand made signs for the photo booth.

All images by Joseph and Jaime photography

More details to come!
Alison xo

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Country Wedding Extravaganza Part 2 of Part 2

More family and friend love.

Me and my 93 year old Nana! She still bowls strikes, they call her Striker.

Tyler's dear grandparents.

Pretty Ciara and Willow just chillin' in the grass.

My beautiful girls and handsome Mr. Jay Pollack taking a wee deep.

Our amazing musicians Willow and Kelsey poolside.

Tyler's bro and best man Travis and his beautiful girlfriend Natasha.

Daughter #2, 3 and 4! Bitty, Aly and Rachy! xo

That's my girl.

Part 3, wedding details to come!
Alison xoxo

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Country Wedding Extravaganza Part 2 in two parts!

Family and friend love! All photographs by the lovely and talented Joseph + Jaime.
Part 1

What a handsome bunch!

Every country wedding needs a hay ride, can I get an amen!?

Sweet Mama and Pop and my dear brother Josh

Coriander Diddy!! What a dapper fellow.

Me and my brother, hey ladies~he's single fyi

The beautiful Hogans with their babes

Tyler with pretty mama Penny

Tyler and his darling dad Bill

My stunningly beautiful best friend and made of honour Brittany

Having a good dance in the fields

Okay, is it just me or does this photo look like a movie poster?! Someone suggested the cover of a CD of a really cool band. Our tractor driver Willard fits in perfectly! Haha!

And finally Harry. The wedding would not have been the same without our little bun. I must tell you he recently fell ill and was literally knockin' on heavens door. We've been syringe feeding him and have totally saved our little bunny from certain death! I can joke about it a little now but in all seriousness one night just last week, we spent the night in tears saying good bye as his little lips turned blue and he was too weak to eat or drink. I think we loved him back to life.
Let's cheer for the magical bunny, Mr. Harry Hogan!!! Hip hip hoorah!
Part two of two soon to come!
Alison xoxox