Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Country Wedding Extravaganza~Part 3.5

What we wore.

Brittany needed a christmas party dress I think, and we found ourselves at the Sherway Gardens... Sherway Gardens! I never dreamed I'd find my wedding dress there but alas, I came out of the dressing room at BCBG to gasps and a few tears, looked my best friend in the eye and said, "Bitty, did I just find my wedding dress at the Sherway Gardens?"
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy and it was under $300. I know right!

My shoes were the most darling little ballet flats from JCREW and my undergarments were from American Apparel.

My hair was loving twisted with the help of my make up artist and dear friend(Britt's sister) Rachel Smith. Who is practically famous for her make up artistry, she travels the world for goodness sake! And in the 11th hour when my veil did not arrive in the post on time, Rachel went out and found me a little feather fascinator to wear from Runway Bridal. She sent over iphone pics to the salon where we were getting our nails done. I chose the smallest, least showy of the bunch and it worked well until midway through the dinner the girls alerted me that the feather had practically taken flight and was doing it's own thing on my head, time to let it go.

Britt's darling little number was found at TNT. I wanted her to look like a goddess of the fields, natural and nymph like. I thought she looked absolutely beautiful.

The boys wore outfits from... wait for it... Le Chateau. Le Chateau!! I'm sorry but that linen suit we found for Tyler was so darling. Who knew Le Chateau had such great pieces and for such good prices. He looked like a cross between Gilbert Blythe(Anne of Green Gables), Sting(when he was with the Police) and a blonde John Stamos. Tyler's tie was from Holt Renfrew and his shoes were from Aldo.

Our bro's also wore shirts and slacks from LC. The Coriander dad's suit was from LC too.

Everyone looked spectacular. Our guests even seemed to match the overall colour scheme!
What a freakin' blast!
Alison xo


Unknown said...

You look darling...and only goes to prove it all doesn't/shouldn't/needn't break the bank.
Way to go Sherway!!!

anabela / fieldguided said...

So beautiful. Looks like it was a perfect day!

Masood said...

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