Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh it's finally here!...yeah?

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Is it really you? You've been teasing me so.
Well, I just want to say how much I've missed you and can't wait to party with you!!
The shop has got some exciting plans for you too. The back garden reveal is happening very soon and we'll have more garden inspired things for sale!
Anyway, just thought I'd formally welcome you and thank you for coming. Our brides are excited too about their Spring weddings. This year we've got a ton in May so you've come just in time.
Oh and Urban Harvest seeds are back at the shop and ready for planting so you keep that warm breeze comin' girl!

Alison xo
Coriander Girl

Monday, April 8, 2013

Penney and Company floral workshop!

A few months back I had been asked by the fiercely talented Michael Penney, designer extraordinaire and owner of Penney and Company to come to his fabulous shop in Whitby and teach a floral workshop this month. It was our first time meeting yesterday after almost 3 years of virtual high fives and way to go's! Yet, it couldn't have felt more like bumping into an old friend. I think that's one of Michael's many gifts, he immediately puts you at ease. The down to earth guy you see on the tube, (The Marilyn Denis Show, House and Home etc) is just what you get in person but a foot t taller then you might expect.

So there I was with 30 of Michael's dearest customers, no pressure:). For flowers 101, my goal was less about teaching rules and more about letting go. I think you should get wild with your floral self, get loose and have fun with it, throw the rules out the window and feel it, don't fight it. I'm sure I sounded like a maniac but these women were really blowing my mind. In fact, there were a few who could have dropped off resumes, I wasn't kidding! I'm not sure that there is anything better than watching a person surprise themselves by their own talents. One woman specifically mentioned she didn't normally like what she created but she was a standout! I felt so lucky to watch these fabulous women create such beauty. Isn't that what life is about, finding the beauty?

So talented!! 

Some familiar faces were there too, Krista and Georgia, what a delight it was seeing you both! I'm also curious to know a woman's name who pulled me aside at the beginning to ask a few questions, she sat near the back on the right side of the room where the window was, she was so kind and left before I could tell her that I simply LOVED her arrangement,  she did so much with so little. Her wee little mason jar beauty was simply perfect and I'm heart broken that I didn't get a picture.

Not florists! But could be! 

Anyway, it's safe to say that yesterday was a lightbulb moment for me. I love teaching! Not because I think I'm so brilliant, goodness no, but because I get so much back, it's selfish really!
At one point a lady said, 'you wouldn't tell us if ours wasn't any good,' and it's true, I wouldn't. I found a way to assist if it was needed and it was really awesome to see how one quick tip could really help and how much appreciated those tips were!

Krista with her lovely friends, hilarious ladies! 

Amazing! Amazing!!

Thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who participated yesterday, never stop arranging!

And a big thank you to Michael's right hand gals Julie and Kristen, you were a big help to me too.
And of course endless gratitude to Michael for inviting me. I had an absolute blast!

Alison xo

P.S To all the lovely ladies, couldn't post all the pics from the day! Mostly chose ones that were in focus, eyes open, you understand.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A lovely feature in The Luxe Life!

The Luxe Life recently came to Coriander Girl to photograph Tellie doing what she does best!  Click here to see the complete DIY and get all the tips on how to make this pretty bouquet. 

'Flower Child: Tellie Hunt’s DIY Bouquet'  by The Luxe Life

Alison xo

Monday, April 1, 2013

Flower Girl shoot with eLUXE!

Happy April friends! 
Check out this beautiful editorial for eLUXE shot by the fiercely talented Kira Crugnale at Coriander Girl last week. Thanks for including us ladies! Watch for an upcoming floral DIY with our girl Tellie Hunt. 
Visit the lovely eLUXE here. 

That floral print dress above has my name on it! 
Alison xo

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