Friday, February 26, 2010

Introducing Pigeon Toe Ceramics

It is with great pleasure that I welcome to the shop Pigeon Toe Ceramics.
Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2009, Pigeon Toe Ceramics is the brainchild of fine artist and designer Lisa Jones. Another phenomenal woman doing phenomenal things! These clean white, tactile vessels are perfect for Coriander Girl's natural looking, garden inspired bouquets. And, we're the only little shop in Canada carrying Pigeon Toe Ceramics! How thrilling is that!!!?

Ceramic cast kerr jar lanterns. These are so darling and illuminate beautifully with a tea light.

Cast pharmaceutical bottle. I know! Could it be any more perfect for this shop and for a posy?

Large ceramic bottom weighted vase. This vase might have to come home with me.

Cast science flasks. These are too cool- science flasks and botanicals? That's like Oreo cookies and milk.

Ceramic dent bud vase and small sprouting pot. Holy cuteness!

Oh guys! I am so ready for a Neutron Dance!
Click here and shake it with me!! Hold out for the chorus, it's worth it and you've got to get up outta your seat!! My cousin and I would dress up like The Pointer Sisters when we were little and dance around the living room for hours, imagine little five year old me, eyes shadowed and shoulder pads a plenty!
Dance mutha!
Alison : > xo

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stop and smell the daisies

Look who decided to show up for another girls day! It's Kya! You know, the little lady in the running to becoming Coriander Girl's next top doodle. This photo shoot is some of her best work.

So, daisies and daisies and more daisies!

I'd like to introduce all of you to my new friend Sarah Nixon of My Luscious Backyard. This woman is doing incredible things in the world and if you haven't heard about her yet, it won't be long until her name is one you recognize. Sarah, approaches people in the community who have sad little lawns and transforms them into beautiful gardens. For a tiny fee, she basically maintains your garden all summer long but owns the right to harvest the flowers. She thoughtfully considers bloom time, and other factors to ensure your garden looks its very best all season long. She is also a brilliant floral designer and will deliver gorgeous fresh flowers to your home or office from May to October. Sarah is a phenomenal woman doing phenomenal things for the community and the planet. Way to go warrior lady!

The daisies were ordered for a personal project of Sarah's and I was delighted that she asked for my help. We spent two days in daisies up to our eye balls and managed to reach that glorious point in a new friendship where silence lasts long enough to think, "hey, this is comfortable."

And more pictures of Kya because she's just such a noodle! I wanna eat her little face!

The last couple of weeks I've been feeling overwhelmed and I realized it's because I've been expecting too much from myself. So, in order to not burn myself out I've decided to stop and leave the shop floor unswept, leave the boxes- they can be broken down tomorrow. Leave the dishes in the sink and leave the new vases unpriced for one more day. What can you leave for another day to protect yourself from exhaustion? Give yourself a break little doodle and curl up somewhere like Kya is doing right now in my warm puffy coat.

Alison : >

Saturday, February 20, 2010

12 more sleeps

It's only 12 more sleeps until Tyler and I are limbo-ing all over Central America! Now I'm picture us in a montage of limbo moments to the song Kokimo. I have a lot to accomplish before I get on that plane and I need to get it all done in order to feel like I've urned the right to leave for a week. I'm actually pretty good at turning work off and being in the now and once we're cruising the southern seas, I won't have much of a choice. I've compiled a list of "to do's" before we go and blogging them makes me a little bit more accountable. Drum roll please.

1. Finish writing a very important proposal
2. Clean the shop from top to toe, scrub every nook and cranny
3. Designate someone to water shop plants
4. Bikini wax (maybe this should be at the top of my list)
5. Think of more things that need to be added to the list of things that need accomplishing

And then Hadu showed up with her owner! She is clearly in the running to becoming Coriander Girl's next top doodle! Those eyes could sink a thousand ships. I mean launch! Ha!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I held out for a hero

I need to give a special shout out today to my partner in crime Mr. Tyler Hogan. This man is my rock. He listens to my deepest darkest worries about life and is always able to calm me down. He makes me laugh until the tears are rolling down my cheeks with his perfect Arnie impressions and he even crosses the street for me to get the good cookies and ladies, for Valentine's Day he made me chocolate covered strawberries. No, you don't understand, he made me chocolate covered strawberries, hand dipped them himself! I was so busy that week end that I forgot to mention just how lovely my love is. Sometimes we assume our people know how much they're cared for. I tell him and squeeze him and kiss him but sometimes you gotta shout it from the roof tops or the blog posts. This one's for you little doodle.
This lady said it best and if any of you need hair ideas, she can work a blow dryer like nobody else. Click here.

Couldn't you just spread him on a cracker?!!!
Alison xo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sugar and spice

And everything nice. When I was three I had a picture hanging above my bed and it read, "Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of." I remember thinking, because I have a sweet tooth, how great it was that I was made of sugar. And now, if my sweat doesn't smell like brown sugar. I'm being completely serious. I only recently found this out, and now every time I sweat, Tyler confirms it, "Yep, brown sugar," he says. Anyone smell like candy when they bust a move? And P.S, I don't wear perfume and my deodorant is fragrance free. Weird. (Insert The Twilight Zone theme song here)

An arrangement I delivered this morning. That's right, I'm also the delivery girl.

More bottles!

Don't be ranunculus, you've had enough porn for the week! ; >
Last mention of this ever, but in my defense, it wasn't porn at all. It was from one of those 1970's love making books, you know the one your parents hid in their closet to keep the passion alive. I mean their doing it on aerobic mats for gosh sakes! I'm fully belly laughing over this in the shop and I hope you are too. It's hard to not keep bringing it up. That's what she said.
Click here for a laugh.
Alison xo

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quote of the day

"She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans."
Not sure who said this but I like it very much. I've got more cans to plan, how about you?
: >

Monday, February 15, 2010

Damage control

I removed the original photograph from my blog but will keep the censored version up for context. It makes me really sad to think anyone saw that and thought less of me. I honestly felt it was fine at the time but what I'm comfortable with someone else might not be. It's not so bad, I don't want to over dramatize this but if I've upset people with the photograph I want to apologize for it. My feelings remain the same however, maybe extreme, but I'd much prefer my kids(when I have some) see love making over people having their limbs blown off.
I will be more mindful of what I write in my blog. I know I'm free to write whatever I want but I should have thought that one through a little better. Perhaps I was a tad bit sleep deprived. This blog is public and I should consider my audience at all times.
I'm still me though, and I'll still post the occasional gangsta rap video but I'll do it with one eye on that very fine line.
Please accept my sincere apology.

I'm sorry

So, I offended my parents with the vintage porn. Oh gosh. Mom, Pop, I'm sorry. I thought the photograph was rather arty. You know, long before I was arranging flowers I was taking photographs. I guess I forget sometimes that this is a little blog about a flower shop but I've always been extremely candid and thought this was what people liked about it. I hope I didn't offend anyone else. I do apologize if I did. For the record, I think all forms of affection are lovely as long as no one's getting hurt. Perhaps the sentiment "F*@# I love you", was a bit crass but I thought it was passionate. If you're so moved by how much you love someone that you have to swear about it, that's pretty great in my mind. If you've been following the blog, you've been privy to the gangsta rap links. Perhaps it was shocking for my parents because they still have dial up and have never clicked on these links before because they take far too long to load. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I've probably been offending people from the beginning, they just didn't know it. I'd love to open up a discussion about this. Did you feel offended? If so, why? Not to rock the boat further but I quickly did up this censored version and honestly this kind of censorship offends me more. Kids are blowing each other up on X boxes across the country but some good ol' fashion porn is making us uncomfortable?Something tells me I'm going to have to send another apology to my pop. I wish I could stick to flowers and furniture but this blog has become my outlet, maybe I'm crossing too many lines? Does my blog actually require a disclaimer? Frankly, I find some of the Hall and Oats hair styles from recent posts far more offensive than the porn. Sorry Oats.
Alison :/

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Coming up for air!

Well, I think it's safe to say things are slowing down here at Coriander Girl. It's 7 pm and the shop looks like a flower bomb went off. I've had an extraordinary weekend, thanks to all the lovers out there!
I'll sweep up and save the rest of the cleaning for tomorrow. I desperately need to get home to my darling and smother him in kisses.
Here are a few shots of the shop looking floral abundant and the last picture is quite relevant for today, vintage porn! I hope not to offend anyone, honestly you can't see much with all that body hair.
Happy Valentine's Day little doodles!
Alison xo

And here's one for the lovers.
Click here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day little doodles!
I'll write more when the mayhem has subsided! Remember to squeeze your loved ones a little longer and a little tighter today.
I'll be celebrating with my love tomorrow on our day off. I think we should stay in bed all day!
Alison xo

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bring on the noise

It's been too long since I wrote last. I've missed you my darlings! What a week it's been! The photo shoot for House and Home magazine could not have gone better. They were the coolest people which made for a really relaxed shoot and after three hours of cracking jokes and Axl Rose impressions they're pretty much doodles for life. So, H and H wanted the shop looking like spring because it's for the May issue. I brought in a ton of spring blooms, bulbs and tulips. I was up until three the night before the shoot trying to make everything perfect, of course. It was worth the hours of hard work because I think the shop looked it's absolute best. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes this past week. Let's have a party when the magazine hits the stands!

I think we need a celebratory video!
Click here!
Have a glorious night!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Swell news!

I can't sit on this amazing news any longer. House and Home magazine has asked if they can feature Coriander Girl in their May issue!! Isn't that so wonderful?! I can't believe my good fortune these last few months. A million times thank you to my darling family, friends and Coriander Girl supporters. You make it all worth while! xo

And then, as if things can get any better, Kya came over for a girls day yesterday and we had a photoshoot to see if she is still in the running to becoming Coriander Girls next top doodle. It's pretty clear that she's showing real talent in her editorial work but the real test will be on the runway.

Big order today for a lovely woman throwing a party for her husband tonight. Imagine masculine branches and berries with purple kale and feathery limonium wrapped in woody cedar boughs. Delicious!

Happy Saturday everyone!
Alison : >
Wait, what's that? You wanna dance? Okay, click here!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whoomp There It Is

The shop is looking rather delightful these days. I've had some incentive to make it look extra lush and lovely. I'll keep you guessing a little while longer as things develop but good news is on the way.

New cards by Erin Candela, valentine's edition. I love these little chicken doodles.

And introducing my latest craft find, these little felted flower broaches by the lovely Saskia. Check back in a few days for a full artist profile.

You ready for a dance!? There's a party over here...a party over there...wave your hands in the air...shake your derriere. Shakalaka! Click here and shake it!