Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stop and smell the daisies

Look who decided to show up for another girls day! It's Kya! You know, the little lady in the running to becoming Coriander Girl's next top doodle. This photo shoot is some of her best work.

So, daisies and daisies and more daisies!

I'd like to introduce all of you to my new friend Sarah Nixon of My Luscious Backyard. This woman is doing incredible things in the world and if you haven't heard about her yet, it won't be long until her name is one you recognize. Sarah, approaches people in the community who have sad little lawns and transforms them into beautiful gardens. For a tiny fee, she basically maintains your garden all summer long but owns the right to harvest the flowers. She thoughtfully considers bloom time, and other factors to ensure your garden looks its very best all season long. She is also a brilliant floral designer and will deliver gorgeous fresh flowers to your home or office from May to October. Sarah is a phenomenal woman doing phenomenal things for the community and the planet. Way to go warrior lady!

The daisies were ordered for a personal project of Sarah's and I was delighted that she asked for my help. We spent two days in daisies up to our eye balls and managed to reach that glorious point in a new friendship where silence lasts long enough to think, "hey, this is comfortable."

And more pictures of Kya because she's just such a noodle! I wanna eat her little face!

The last couple of weeks I've been feeling overwhelmed and I realized it's because I've been expecting too much from myself. So, in order to not burn myself out I've decided to stop and leave the shop floor unswept, leave the boxes- they can be broken down tomorrow. Leave the dishes in the sink and leave the new vases unpriced for one more day. What can you leave for another day to protect yourself from exhaustion? Give yourself a break little doodle and curl up somewhere like Kya is doing right now in my warm puffy coat.

Alison : >


Anonymous said...

I will take a pass on a few choirs, and leave them until tomorrow but what I can't wait to do . . . is to tell you how truely wonderful you are!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest little dog...what type is she?
I'm enjoying your blog Alison. Also, check out Sara in the Little paper with her little doodle Georgia and her husband. I think they were in the December edition. Gillian

Jen R said...

I love that little dog! How cute is she with that little crooked smile! I vote for her in the top doodle contest! :)