Saturday, July 21, 2012

Empire State of Mind~more pics!

(Sing) When in New York, come and juggle whipped cream tomatoes, there's nothing you can't do.
See, it's way better!

So, we decided to walk the Brooklyn bridge to get pizza at what is supposed to be the "best pizza joint ever"
We walked....
and we walked....
And walked a little more... okay a lot more
And finally arrived to Grimaldi's pizza! The line up was over 18 parties deep. 
Yippeeee! It was a delicious pizza but what's with restaurants and their basil rations? We met two cool guys who sat bedside us and all in all it was worth the walk to Brooklyn.

So, the story of this dress. That night, after we walked the highline and had drinks, we ended up back in our West Village hood and found ourselves looking in the window of a sweet little cafe. A guy walks up to Tyler shakes his hand and says, "full respect man, I was just walking past and the vision of your lady, the back of that dress, is stunning." Tyler says, "Do I know you?" I cut in, "It's Kiefer Sutherland, my love." We proceed to tell him we're from Toronto. He erupts with glee, asks our names, shakes our hands and invites us over to the "dirty bar over there across the street" and disappears. But not before shouting 'bullocks" after I say, " Keifer, you just made the last night of our trip even cooler. " 
What a lovely time we had, so completely fun and terribly romantic. Much of this trip didn't get photographed because I didn't always want to lug around my SLR. Next time I'm upgrading my data plan! Do you have any mid summer plans? Trips you want to take but have talked yourself out of?
Book that flight, reserve that train seat! You know that saying, something about regretting the things you didn't do. Make it happen and then tell us all about it! 
Alison xo

Saturday, July 14, 2012

NYC July 2012

Everyone has a story about how their love affair began with New York City. For the folks lucky enough to live there, they own that city as if they birthed it themselves, fiercely protective and as proud as lions. I fell in love with New York when I first visited at the tender age of 19, only a few years ago... okay more like 14 years ago. I used to go every summer for a couple weeks at a time and rent an apartment, live like a local and dream about the day I would live there. Time passes, life happens, I never moved to New York but the dream lives on. It had been too long since my last visit. My dear husband, who has never been, needed to experience this great city and what better time to go then on his birthday?! July 9th. Porter airlines had a sale that we simply couldn't refuse and so, off we went this past Monday and shared four of the best days of our lives together.
Alison xo

Porter was amazing.
Cross streets where we stayed in the west village, Perry and Hudson.

Art deco building 101 Perry, our home for 4 days.
Cutest apartment, eclectic and cozy.

It's just Carrie Bradshaw's walk up, five brownstones down from us! 
Loveliness all around us. 

Our first night there walking along the Hudson.

We spent the day with a bike guide touring us around the park.

In Ghostbusters, the state puff marshmallow man climbed these towers. 

Driving Miss Lazy. 
There we were in Soho looking at this cool wax statue of a famous artist...
Next thing we know Yayoi Kusama steps out of a limo and wheels on by into Louis Vuitton to promote her  designs. Only in New York. 
The highline, 10 blocks of beautiful green space above the city along the old rail lines. Amazing.  
We imagined coming back here with our little girl someday.

It's a bunny! The dearest man let us hold her. Harry would love her, she's so pretty. 

I could still spread this man on a cracker.

I've got a story about this dress for later.

You know the JAY-Z song Empire State of Mind with Alicia Keys,
I always thought it went like this, at least I hoped it went like this,

'In New York, come and juggle whipped cream tomatoes'
now I know it's 'concrete jungle what dreams are made of', I guess that makes a little more sense.

More to come!