Monday, November 29, 2010

Coriander Girl's 'Best of' The One of a Kind Show!

Well hey there folks! So, as promised, I wanted to share with you my One of a Kind finds! Every year I gear up and head down for one heck of an afternoon. Like a soldier, I have a strategy and not much can take me off course accept when a dear friend is working the show and I have to take an alternate route. And just like a soldier, I plan everything. I know where the exits are, washrooms and, of course, the food sampling isles. I don't linger in the centre of the isles I keep to the sides for maximum speed. I layer for comfort as the climate changes through out the day, drafts are expected. I enjoy the christmas show a lot and appreciate their attempts at highlighting new artisans. The only thing I can't stand is that I feel like a dried up little raisin when I leave no matter how much lip balm I've applied. I can't imagine how the vendors feel, they need to pump some serious humidity into that building, or perhaps we should all get a bag of intravenous fluid along with our coat check?

Okay, so here it is in no particular order and I have indeed left some great people out, especially the vendors I won't see who are coming midweek. I'm sure your list would be different from mine and that's what makes this fun!

Porcelaines Bousquet~I've been collecting Louise's pottery for years and I have an amazing story about that but for another blog entry. What you need to know is that she is now doing incredible things with porcelain and I recommend to brides everywhere registering for these beautiful pieces. Heirloom quality but still affordable...for now.

Sweet Truth~I tried this hand made gourmet candy at the show and I almost fell over. I am a candy girl and my expectations are very high. The almond brittle took me a back, like heaven was dancing on my tongue.

Bookhou~I just adore these folks and everything they do.

The Philosopher's Stone~Well, I carry these amazing decorative glacier stones in the shop because I'm such a fan. Each one is different and they make a perfect flower vessel.

Freshly Printed~These gals are amazing and I hope to carry their amazing textiles soon! They focus on using environmentally conscience materials and production methods which fits perfectly with Coriander Girls mission statement. Often using nostalgic imagery on their textiles and just another reason Coriander Girl loves them!

The Saltbox shoppe~Okay, these guys are right up my ally with their decorative rustic pieces for the home. I bought a ton of reclaimed wood framed pressed flowers and I'm just smitten.

Honey Pie Hives and Herbals~Another Coriander Girl vendor and don't we love these two? Bay and Gavin are busy little bees(pun intended) making incredible soaps, candles, honey, skin care, and teas. If you haven't tried their honey yet, come on down and get in line because these products won't stay on the shelf.

pi'lo~The sweetest home decor pieces that make me want to have a baby and a potential new vendor for Coriander Girl!

Tresnormale~Awesome t-shirts from Montreal. Every year I buy Tyler a bunch until the next show rolls around.

Miranda Britton~I love this jewelry, it's timeless and nature inspired. You can easily wear it out to your favourite coffee shop or put on that party dress and light up the town. Don't we love our versatile jewelry the best?

Schoolyard~Another amazing vendor of mine. As far as I'm concerned every single thing these girls touch turns to gold. Aprons, napkins, paper goods. Just brilliant and oh so environmentally conscious.

Christie Greyerbiehl. This woman is lovely and her art is even lovelier! Christie's work truly is 'one of a kind' and she should definitely be on your radar as one to watch. This local girl is doing great things and her light boxes of beauty would be an incredible addition to any home. Make sure to visit her website. Congratulations on a really beautiful booth Christie!

This was fun!
Peace out.
Alison xo

Friday, November 26, 2010

LoRo Block Party!

The amazing ladies of LoRo(lower Roncesvalles) are organizing one heck of a fabulous evening tomorrow night, November 27 7-11pm! Come out and do a little shopping to support these super awesome businesses that need us desperately during the craziest construction ever! I've been invited by Rachelle from Hawk Eyes to join the group. I'll be selling little bouquets of love at her shop and I hope you'll come out and celebrate this important event with us. So if they're LoRo, does that make us QueWe (Queen West)? Just doesn't have the same panache does it?

Alison xo

Wedding fleurs!

The dearest folks in the world, Jenny and Lee, got married this past summer and the incredible wedding photographers, Joseph+Jaime just sent over the amazing pictures of the flowers we did for them. Holla! Keep your eyes out for the next issue of Weddingbells as the word on the street is that this wedding will be featured. Way to go guys!

Alison xo

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rest my child

Some much needed rest and relaxation was just what the doctor ordered, no literally the doctor ordered antibiotics and all. A little me time, a little Tyler time and of course a little doodle bunny time. But for tomorrow, it's back to the city for business as usual and to source product for the shop at one of my favourite events, the One of a Kind Show! I can't wait to report back with what I find!

Is Harry not the dearest doodle ever?
Next post I'll also have some wedding updates, I tried on dresses today!

Alison xo

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Liberate yourself!

I just got a belated birthday card from a dear friend of mine who stated rather frankly that she's bad at birthdays and then wrote a list of other things she seems to procrastinate about often. I then replied, "well here's what I'm terrible at!"
In no particular order,
1. returning borrowed items i.e. books, clothing, dvd's. (note to friends~don't lend me anything and if you have, I'm so sorry)
2. mailing things (I've been meaning to send my friend Rachel out west a signed Donna Hay cook book for ten years!)
3. book keeping (I own a business people, this is no joke!)

How liberating though to admit the things I'm just not very good at!?
You try it!

Here's to our imperfections! 'Our flaws are what make us unique', says my friend Brittany who just popped in with a zucchini loaf! Apparently, I'm worthy of baked goods so I must be doing something right, although my social life has suffered greatly from the business. I'm just moving through life trying to do my best and I think it's okay if the occasional ball gets dropped. In some areas I think i'd score 100% so I shouldn't be so hard on myself and neither should you.
Let's be gentle on ourselves today and always. Forgive yourself for not sewing those curtains or mailing that letter, or mending that shirt, or sending that Donna Hay cook book or...or...or...

Harry only worries about the essentials, food and water and getting lots and lots of rest. I'm going to try that this weekend while I'm home in Belleville. Tyler and I are going to do as the rabbits do!

Alison xo

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Product~ Cards by Carol Rossel

We're thrilled to add to our collection these one of a kind hand made beauties. Delicate, hand pressed flowers on delicious card stock by the lovely and talented Carol Rossel. Carol's floral wonders offer something completely unique for that special person in your life or frame one for yourself and hang it on the wall for less than the price of something you'd get from Hallmark.

Alison xo

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More cleaning!

I moved this cabinet to the front of the shop and it makes so much more sense. It wasn't being utilized well hidden in the back. It was great for storage but, 'nobody puts baby in a corner.'

Have a lovely Thursday!
Alison xo

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shop cleaning

Yesterday I had an incredible urge to pull everything out and re-organize! I moved cabinets, I cleaned cranny's I had neglected for months! I feel great and the shop looks so much better! I'll post pics as soon as my camera is charged up.
It must be this time of year, knowing the deep freeze is coming and we'll be spending most of our time in doors it's a good feeling to purge, clean and organize all in preparation for the introspective months ahead.
I like winter for this reason, a chance to slow down, cuddle up with my noodle(that would be Tyler) and plan big moves for when the thaw comes!
And drink lots and lots of tea!
Alison xo