Monday, November 8, 2010

Shop cleaning

Yesterday I had an incredible urge to pull everything out and re-organize! I moved cabinets, I cleaned cranny's I had neglected for months! I feel great and the shop looks so much better! I'll post pics as soon as my camera is charged up.
It must be this time of year, knowing the deep freeze is coming and we'll be spending most of our time in doors it's a good feeling to purge, clean and organize all in preparation for the introspective months ahead.
I like winter for this reason, a chance to slow down, cuddle up with my noodle(that would be Tyler) and plan big moves for when the thaw comes!
And drink lots and lots of tea!
Alison xo


Jen said...

I always "spring" clean in the spring AND the fall for just that very reason...When its time to be stuck in doors I like knowing that everything is fresh & clean..When its freezing outside I can stay in my pjs..cuddle up on the couch with my fur babies & just chill!!!

Unknown said...

Pots of tea are vital.xx

Rachel said...

yay for tea!

Janessa said...

By "tea" do you mean "hot-buttered rum"? Because that's my winter drink o' choice! :)

marie said...

a little "hi" from France !
I like your shop and I look forward to seeing new photos !

Russet and Empire said...

I did the same at my shop! it's definitely the thought of having all of that junk stuck in the store until spring. So liberating!

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