Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rest my child

Some much needed rest and relaxation was just what the doctor ordered, no literally the doctor ordered antibiotics and all. A little me time, a little Tyler time and of course a little doodle bunny time. But for tomorrow, it's back to the city for business as usual and to source product for the shop at one of my favourite events, the One of a Kind Show! I can't wait to report back with what I find!

Is Harry not the dearest doodle ever?
Next post I'll also have some wedding updates, I tried on dresses today!

Alison xo


Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

I just came back from the OOAK show and it was great! It is my dream to own a store and source product!

P.S. I loved the arrangements you did for the Blogger Meetup on Saturday!

Jenn said...

This video of Harry is so dear and so hilarious. I love it!! He is just ridiculously cute!

spoon said...

I love this video--it is adorable!

kelinci said...

Cool rabbit video.
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