Friday, March 2, 2012

Finally! The winner is....!

So, at the grand opening we had a little contest. If you spent $20 or more, you were entered to win a one year subscription to Pure Green Magazine! Pretty amazing right?
Well, we officially did the draw last night and here are the results!
Drum roll please.......

Congratulations Melinda Josie!!!! You win!!! Come see me when you can!
Interesting tid bit, I put Melinda's name back in, not thinking, and decided that for fun I would see who the runner up was and I chose Melinda again! So, it was fate people, fair and square!
I love a good contest!
And for those who didn't win, you can pick up your issue of Pure Green Magazine here at the shop, I have a few remaining that I recommend snapping up because it's the premier issue, a collectable!!!
Alison xoxo