Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring blooms

New Easter cards by Erin Candela!

Ranunculus arrangements for Andrea's lovely shop in Yorkville, Nyla. Go shop there for beautiful clothes and home decor!

I've been busy today! The weather is so beautiful and I have the sweetest little animal at my heels, I can't believe how much Tyler and I have grown to love this little bundle of loveliness. Nicole! We love her and will babysit your baby as much as you need!

Now we know where to look when she disappears. Can you spot the little doodle?

I could easily become one of those obnoxious dog people who treat their dogs like babies. Tyler and I are having so much fun with her, she has brought us so much laughter and joy. Don't worry Nicole, we promise to give her back! xo
Everyone squeeze your darling pet a little tighter tonight!

Ahhh spring. Is everyone exhaling?
Breathe with me.
Alison xo

Sunday, March 28, 2010

We be babysittin'

Kya will be here all week while her mama is in London! Nicole, it's been minutes since you left and Kya is doing so well. We've already done a photo shoot to show you how happy she is. Prepare for some amazing photo shoots this week! I'm thinking Kya in an Easter spread, maybe she'll be hatching out of a giant egg. Bring on suggestions!

xo A and K
Peace out!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Easter bunny cut outs by Erin Candela!

Dance Saturday!

So, the weather isn't particularly note worthy.
The shop isn't terribly busy.
Do we need to shake it!? Yes!!
And how about celebrating earth hour with me tonight at 8:30 by turning off all the lights for one hour? Everybody is doing it! Can you think of fun ways to pass the time in the dark? I'll list a few of my favorites.
1. shadow puppets in the moonlight
2. play the spoons and sing songs from your childhood
3. bathe by candlelight
4. spend time with an animal you've been neglecting
5. do it, you know "it"
6. brush your hair one hundred strokes or until the hour is up
7. draw with your mind and reveal your masterpiece when the lights come on

Click here and dance with me fools!

Have fun tonight little noodles and happy birthday dear brother!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello lover

These cherry blossoms look like delicious salty popcorn bites of love ready to burst. Any day now the warmth will come and stay a while just like an elusive lover. Don't tease us anymore! We need you.

I think we need a lovely french song on a day like today. This one is great and the video is rather fitting.
Click here.
Have a good day my darlings.
xo Alison

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Doodle babies

Okay, so my love for all things doodle like continues to grow and perhaps is getting out of hand. If I'm not thinking of opening a sloth sanctuary I'm planning a doggie day care, my allergies may get in the way of these projects but a gal can dream.

Isn't Flora the sweetest faced doodle child ever? Her mama is pretty gorgeous too. They're visiting from Montreal and came by for a visit and brought beautiful Erin with them, what a treat!

Holy cuteness!!

Kya came by too! Her mom and I felt another photo shoot was necessary and this time we tried her with a stylish up-do. In order to become Coriander Girl's Next Top Doodle her look has got to be versatile and I think she proves her catalogue potential here.

Flower arranging still rules!

Today it was so happenin' up in here. Who didn't come in for a visit? Great seeing everyone, Sand, Erin, Flora, Nicole, Kia, Karyn, Maisy, Diddy, Tyler, Daphne and Ms. Mistletoe! Life is grand. Hold your loved ones tight tonite and thank the universe for your blessings.
Alison xo

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome to the jungle

As a flower shop owner, seeing tropical flowers on the side of the road in Costa Rica was pretty freaking amazing. I yelped more then once. What an experience!
The last photo is of a slithery dude on a banana leaf. I wanted to sneak it on the plane along with a baby sloth.
It's good to be home though and back at the shop. I'm considering a sloth sanctuary in my basement. Get a bouquet and hug a sloth. Awesome.
Alison xo

Sunday, March 14, 2010


So, we're back and already planning our next trip to visit the sloths. At one point on our trip we were discussing selling everything off and opening our very own sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. You've never seen a cuter face than that of a baby sloth.

Nights on the ship were often formal. Tyler and I enjoyed putting on our fancy clothes and heading to the bar for cocktails before dinner. The food was good. I called it a 24 hour buffet on the sea. We could order steak and cheese cakes at 2:00 am in the room if we so desired. At dinner you could have as many entrees as you wished. They told us the average cruiser gains a pound and a half per day. We met good kind Canadians at our table who helped make the trip memorable.

I told you they were cute. My heart is breaking to go back and squeeze them!

Littlest doodle face.

We ventured off the beaten path and found a man who rescued animals. We got to feed the monkeys and they would grab on to my hands and pull me towards them, the man said they just wanted more food but I think they wanted a hug.

I love it when we're cruisin' together.

I think Gwyneth and Hewie sang it best. Click here.
Alison : > xo

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1 more sleep!

I'm emptying out the fridge and selling off the plants! It's a one day only sale! Cuz tomorrow we're cruisin! Can it be true? Is it really here!? Am I ready to go? Did I check everything off my list!?
1. Bikini wax- check (but note to self, next time you only need a little off the sides- consider going to a non Brazilian woman)
2. Proposal- check (thanks to the extension I received)
3. Clean shop- getting there
4. Get someone to babysit plants- (heck no! Sell them all today!)

It's gonna be a party up in here!
Imagine the warm fresh ocean breeze on your skin as you listen to this song. Can you find John Stamos in this video? I'll give you a hint, he's wearing a salmon colored tank top and it's pretty awesome.
Click here!And sway with me little doodles!
Have an amazing week everyone. It looks like the weather is breaking so you'll get to enjoy some sun too!
Thanks to all of you for being such an amazingly wonderful support system for me. I can't wait to come back with a fresh perspective. I have big plans for Coriander Girl this spring and with my batteries fully charged I'll be able to rock these plans in motion.
All my love little darlings!
Alison : >