Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring blooms

New Easter cards by Erin Candela!

Ranunculus arrangements for Andrea's lovely shop in Yorkville, Nyla. Go shop there for beautiful clothes and home decor!

I've been busy today! The weather is so beautiful and I have the sweetest little animal at my heels, I can't believe how much Tyler and I have grown to love this little bundle of loveliness. Nicole! We love her and will babysit your baby as much as you need!

Now we know where to look when she disappears. Can you spot the little doodle?

I could easily become one of those obnoxious dog people who treat their dogs like babies. Tyler and I are having so much fun with her, she has brought us so much laughter and joy. Don't worry Nicole, we promise to give her back! xo
Everyone squeeze your darling pet a little tighter tonight!

Ahhh spring. Is everyone exhaling?
Breathe with me.
Alison xo


Unknown said...

Ali, Matt and I have caught ourselves calling each other "Mommy" and "Daddy" to the dog. I will bring her by Friday afternoon!

You will die.

Unknown said...

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