Sunday, March 14, 2010


So, we're back and already planning our next trip to visit the sloths. At one point on our trip we were discussing selling everything off and opening our very own sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. You've never seen a cuter face than that of a baby sloth.

Nights on the ship were often formal. Tyler and I enjoyed putting on our fancy clothes and heading to the bar for cocktails before dinner. The food was good. I called it a 24 hour buffet on the sea. We could order steak and cheese cakes at 2:00 am in the room if we so desired. At dinner you could have as many entrees as you wished. They told us the average cruiser gains a pound and a half per day. We met good kind Canadians at our table who helped make the trip memorable.

I told you they were cute. My heart is breaking to go back and squeeze them!

Littlest doodle face.

We ventured off the beaten path and found a man who rescued animals. We got to feed the monkeys and they would grab on to my hands and pull me towards them, the man said they just wanted more food but I think they wanted a hug.

I love it when we're cruisin' together.

I think Gwyneth and Hewie sang it best. Click here.
Alison : > xo


Denise Fasanello said...

Welcome back! What an adventure. I am supremely envious! :)

karyn said...

yeah! glad you got a getaway. i'm sure you're recharged and ready to tackle the spring!

Unknown said...

baby sloths only, ali. grown ones are scary!