Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1 more sleep!

I'm emptying out the fridge and selling off the plants! It's a one day only sale! Cuz tomorrow we're cruisin! Can it be true? Is it really here!? Am I ready to go? Did I check everything off my list!?
1. Bikini wax- check (but note to self, next time you only need a little off the sides- consider going to a non Brazilian woman)
2. Proposal- check (thanks to the extension I received)
3. Clean shop- getting there
4. Get someone to babysit plants- (heck no! Sell them all today!)

It's gonna be a party up in here!
Imagine the warm fresh ocean breeze on your skin as you listen to this song. Can you find John Stamos in this video? I'll give you a hint, he's wearing a salmon colored tank top and it's pretty awesome.
Click here!And sway with me little doodles!
Have an amazing week everyone. It looks like the weather is breaking so you'll get to enjoy some sun too!
Thanks to all of you for being such an amazingly wonderful support system for me. I can't wait to come back with a fresh perspective. I have big plans for Coriander Girl this spring and with my batteries fully charged I'll be able to rock these plans in motion.
All my love little darlings!
Alison : >


LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Have a great time!

Moon and Sparrow Sandy said...

Have a great time, Coriander! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Wish I could be there to buy all your plants. xo