Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Workshops are back in season!

Hey flower friends!
We are so happy to announce our first flight of workshops for the season. To learn more about them or to book a spot please email
We cannot wait to meet you!

Holiday Centrepiece: December 20th 2:00pm ($150 per person) SOLD OUT
Learn the basics of creating a lush, long lasting evergreen and floral arrangement in a vase. We will touch base on all key design elements including colour, line, shape and that garden inspired Coriander flare. All materials and floral shears are included along with spiked apple cider and light snacks to toast off the last week of the holiday season.

Gift Series
Our gift series are designed to be taken as a three part series where you will explore some key areas of floral design including indoor gardens, designing in a vase and hand tied bouquets. They make a wonderful gift for your sweetheart who wants to explore a creative path or for a mother who has always had a knack for floral design.
Gift Series Pt.1: Spring Planting: January 9th 2:00pm ($100 per person) SOLD OUT
We know winter finally in full swing, and we also know it is time for you to get out of the house and bring home some hope for spring. We will be teaching you how to make spring planters which can later be repurposed as a window box. Gorgeous long wooden planters, spring bulbs, potting material and snacks will be provided.

Gift Series Pt.2: Designing in a Vase: January 16th 2:00pm ($150 per person) SOLD OUT
Learn how to design a centrepiece in a beautiful footed glass vase. We will walk you through every step from taping to greening to blooming. The workshop will include all materials, a pair of floral sheers and some tasty treats.

Gift Series Pt.3: Hand Tied Bouquets: January 24th 2:00pm ($100 per person) SOLD OUT
Learn how to make a hand tied bouquet with a garden inspired Coriander flare. We will be teaching how to achieve a loose, flowing hand tied bouquet and how to build your bicep muscles (just kidding about the last part). All material, floral shears, light snacks and tea will be provided.