Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coriander Girl on the Steven + Chris show!

Thanks to the lovely and talented Tim Lam, Coriander Girl caught a little air time on the Steven and Chris show. Well, a few of our arrangements did anyway! We can't take credit for all the flowers in Tim's home however, turns out he's also pretty good at floristry and usually does his own!

Thanks so much Tim for including us in your big day! Your home is beautiful, congratulations on doing the show!
Alison : >

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let's try this again...Dear spring

Dear spring,
Perhaps my last note got lost in cyberspace or went straight to your junk mail? I understand. I thought maybe if I wrote you again, this time with a little more urgency in my written tone you might actually respond this time. I'm not asking for much, a warm breeze on my face, a tiny whiff of fresh budding bulbs carried along by that lovely warm breeze and the melodic sounds of children laughing, people everywhere shedding winter layers as the days temperature rises. Come on now, I've been fair. I kept my end of the deal. Where were you? Where were you? I showed up and you never came, I waited and waited and I'm still waiting but no you. What about the forsythias? What about the pansies? We're all waiting and we love you so much that I guess we'd wait forever. Maybe that's the problem, you know how much we need you, you've got us wrapped around your finger don't you? Well, what if we headed north huh? What then, noone to bloom for then? And what's the point if there is noone to bloom for?
Think about it. You need us too you know. Next year Tyler and I might have to cheat on you and head south, that's right, we'll get our warmth elsewhere if it has to come to that.
I'm hopeful that you're just paying homage to Elizabeth Taylor by being fashionably late. I could forgive that.
I'll cheers your arrival no matter how long it takes.
Stubbornly, I'm forever yours,
Alison xo

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cookies for breakfast?...oh it's on!

I've never met a cookie I didn't like but some are better than others I think we can all agree. Everything I thought I knew about cookies, what I thought were my favourites, the go to cookie after a rain fall, the coveted Girl Guide, Mr. Christie~it turns out you make 'okay' cookies. All of it, it's all been a lie.

When Janis of Elm Hill Cookies walked through my door last week carrying a box wrapped in bakers twine I had no idea I was about to meet or shall I say eat a cookie that would change my cookie eating experience forEVER.

I thought to myself, "Am I dreaming? Am I in heaven Auntie Em?" I think I cried tears. All I know is life will never be the same. Once you've tasted the finest double creme brie, havarti just ain't gonna cut it.

Like many of you sassy gals out there, Janis Smith took a leap of faith and dove head first into her very own business, a cookie shop in Oakville called Elm Hill Cookies. From the first bite you know you're eating a cookie unlike any other. She uses all natural ingredients and the taste says it all, no preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours and each cookie is hand cut and baked fresh daily. Her shop has a little milk and cookie bar, I know!! "Pour me another Charlie, make it a double, I've a had a rough day." I'd probably have a stool named after me if I lived in Oakville. I'd walk in and everyone would yell, "AL!"

Yeah, so cookies, they're my thing. If you're ever in Oakville take a seat at the bar and tell em' Al sent ya, you'll wobble home after last call and be glad you cut yourself off cuz that's a call no one should ever have to make.
And for the lovely brides to be out there, Janis does weddings! Favours for guests or a cookie bar at midnight can be just the thing to make your wedding go down in history. "The bride was stunning...and did you taste the chocolate sandwich biscuit with peppermint chocolate ganache filling?"
So, how long did that box of cookies last me you ask? About as long as it takes to say, chocolate sandwich biscuit with peppermint chocolate ganache filling. ;>
Alison xo

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Herb Bouquets for Weddingbells!

Thank you Weddingbells for including Coriander Girl in this awesome spread on herb bouquets!
Click here to read more!

Still feeling so incredibly blessed for all the gifts this life has given me. How are all of you feeling these days?
Alison xo

Friday, March 11, 2011


My heart breaks for those effected by the devastating tsunami in Japan today. I hadn't realized just how serious it was until much later on today when I saw the images on television. I'm feeling an over whelming sense of grief for people every where who are suffering. Friends of mine suffering through the pain of a parents illness with only days possibly left until he's gone, my moms best friend in New Zealand whose home was crushed in the earthquake a couple of weeks ago and she's lost everything. A business owner across the way losing her husband to an unexpected heart attack at the young age of 42.
So much pain and all I can do is sit here in my room quietly, doing absolutely nothing but trying to feel some of that pain for them.
We gotta hold each other tight.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Me me me Monday ; >

My aunt's donkey, love his face!

Hi everyone!
So, it's time to set a little boundary for myself. I've decided, thanks to my dear love Tyler and caring bf Britty, I'm going to take one day, just one, that is all mine. On this day I am not going to work, no estimates, no e-mails, no nothin' and it scares the bejeezus out of me because I'm not sure I can actually do it but I think I have to try. I need to try and do a little less. The demand for me to work 24/7 is there but I think I'll be able to give more after I've given a little back to myself. You know how it goes, fill up your cup and give to others from the over flow. Right now I feel like I'm at the bottom of a well and oceans of water are pouring down on my head and I've got a teaspoon to bail myself out.
Do you ever feel that way? What are some of the ways you guys take care of yourselves?
Alison xo

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Spring

Dear Spring,
Alison here. Do you remember me? It's been a while. Do you think you might do me a small favour and come around a little earlier this year. It's been an awful cold winter and my face hasn't seen the sun in months. I've been feeling a little sad lately too and could sure stand a visit. Remember how much fun we had last year? The bike rides, the long walks, the cute outfits. It can be like that again. I'll show up for you.
Forever yours.
Alison xo