Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Marni + Jason's wedding

This wedding holds a special place in my heart. Congratulations dear darlings! Enjoy!
Alison xo

all images by Joseph+Jaime

Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Lovin'

Mondays are always a favourite because we get to pack up a bag and head for the country. Our home/converted church has truly become a sanctuary for us.

Much like going to the cottage there is no TV, no phone and up until last week, no internet. Part of me wishes I could go without but I have too much work. Even though the point of coming here is to work less and have balance I need it for the fun relaxing stuff too like writing blogs! Here's the thing, we didn't get internet hooked up, we're in the middle of no where and found a signal! Thank you Bassman! I think that's bass like a fish, not like the guitar, or is it? Why do I assume he's an angler and hunter? I'm going with odds. Now, morally, I know it's wrong to jump on his or her signal, possibly slow down their connection or worse, cost them money but it's so temporary until Shaw media comes next month. The funny thing, we can only get full bars... in the bathroom. So really, the jokes on us people.

We've been sleeping by the fire as the back addition only has baseboard heaters and that's a small fortune.

Harry found his favourite cozy spot too, right in front of the fire on the warm stone.

Alison xo

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hit the ground running

Well, 2012 is proving to be one heck of a year so far! As I said in the last post, we received the keys to the new store and over the next few weeks we have to bust our little butts to make the space fabulous all the while trying to keep Coriander Girl up and running. I don't want to have to close at all during the move. If we have to close it might be for the first week of February but I'll keep you posted.Part of me wishes I could stay in my little charmer forever but if you look at the pictures below you'll understand why the move has to happen.

Here is an early shot of the interior of the shop before we got busy. The store size was perfectly cozy and then...

this happened!!! Wedding central! Can you see a flat surface to work on, let alone stand!?

Here is an exterior pic of the new shop. Very exciting!

Courage my love. I saw my doctor today for the first time in forever. I had a complete physical. They could barely draw blood because I was so dehydrated. So, I'm pledging to you as my witness, I will drink more water starting right now so that my blood can start coursing through my body with vigour! Who wants slow pathetic blood?! Not me. I can picture my blood cells having a conversation and it goes something like this, "She's walking isn't she, who cares if I take a nap?" "No Morty! We gotta get up! This girl has important things to do!" "I set my alarm, I'll see you in an hour." "But she's in a coma!" One sip of water down only a thousand more to go!
Alison xo