Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Lovin'

Mondays are always a favourite because we get to pack up a bag and head for the country. Our home/converted church has truly become a sanctuary for us.

Much like going to the cottage there is no TV, no phone and up until last week, no internet. Part of me wishes I could go without but I have too much work. Even though the point of coming here is to work less and have balance I need it for the fun relaxing stuff too like writing blogs! Here's the thing, we didn't get internet hooked up, we're in the middle of no where and found a signal! Thank you Bassman! I think that's bass like a fish, not like the guitar, or is it? Why do I assume he's an angler and hunter? I'm going with odds. Now, morally, I know it's wrong to jump on his or her signal, possibly slow down their connection or worse, cost them money but it's so temporary until Shaw media comes next month. The funny thing, we can only get full bars... in the bathroom. So really, the jokes on us people.

We've been sleeping by the fire as the back addition only has baseboard heaters and that's a small fortune.

Harry found his favourite cozy spot too, right in front of the fire on the warm stone.

Alison xo


Melissa Tipson-Mohr said...

Your home is so gorgeous and your rabbit is adorable!

mischa said...

Alison, this post makes my heart skip a beat. All the best in your darling humble abode, and promise me you're relaxing as much as harry. Thinking of you always, happy new year!


crown flora studio said...
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Urbanstems said...

Oh come on this is amazing. Enjoy Lady C..Sinead

Kellie Collis said...

It's beautiful! Must be a wonderful time with the family to be there. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

Janessa said...

Oh my gosh! I have missed so much! I didn't know you bought a converted church! I love this! Also, I love love LOVE that you let Harry roam free, and he sleeps by the fire!

angelune said...

Looks beautiful, and that quilt looks perfect in there. Harry is so big! I bet he loves running around that big old space.

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