Saturday, November 13, 2010

Liberate yourself!

I just got a belated birthday card from a dear friend of mine who stated rather frankly that she's bad at birthdays and then wrote a list of other things she seems to procrastinate about often. I then replied, "well here's what I'm terrible at!"
In no particular order,
1. returning borrowed items i.e. books, clothing, dvd's. (note to friends~don't lend me anything and if you have, I'm so sorry)
2. mailing things (I've been meaning to send my friend Rachel out west a signed Donna Hay cook book for ten years!)
3. book keeping (I own a business people, this is no joke!)

How liberating though to admit the things I'm just not very good at!?
You try it!

Here's to our imperfections! 'Our flaws are what make us unique', says my friend Brittany who just popped in with a zucchini loaf! Apparently, I'm worthy of baked goods so I must be doing something right, although my social life has suffered greatly from the business. I'm just moving through life trying to do my best and I think it's okay if the occasional ball gets dropped. In some areas I think i'd score 100% so I shouldn't be so hard on myself and neither should you.
Let's be gentle on ourselves today and always. Forgive yourself for not sewing those curtains or mailing that letter, or mending that shirt, or sending that Donna Hay cook book or...or...or...

Harry only worries about the essentials, food and water and getting lots and lots of rest. I'm going to try that this weekend while I'm home in Belleville. Tyler and I are going to do as the rabbits do!

Alison xo

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sk said...

How true!
I am terrible at:
1) Returning phone calls
2) planning ahead for meals (it's always "what are we having for dinner?" at 6 PM)
3) remembering things if I don't write them down!