Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A wee break from wedding details

A wee break from the wedding details to bring you some exciting news! We just bought this 100 year old converted church!!!

It's on a quarter of an acre,

It has a lovely little barn,

ceilings that soar and hard wood floors that go on for miles,

the sweetest little kitchen to inspire getting back to the table,

a wood burning stove and single pane windows mean my darling is going to split a lot of wood this winter,

and the perfect sized yard to create a magical garden for our magical bunny to frolic.

We picked up our keys on Wednesday and immediately started tackling the overgrown yard. I saw a whole new side to my love, the rugged lumberjack side, so hot! We feel so blessed to have this beautiful place to call our own. It's such an amazing feeling to own your own property. I've never been so excited to rake grass! We'll be renting out the townhouse so if anyone knows anyone who needs a beautiful victorian rental property in Belleville, let me know!

Thanks again to our beautiful families for their endless love and support!
Alison xo


meredith r. mistletoe said...

What the EFF!!

aw, man, christmas in that place? yeeeeaahhh. jeeez.


Jaime said...

SO AMAZING! And you two clean up as country folk! xo

Megan said...

WOW! That's incredible! The place looks like a dream :) Congratulations & enjoy making it your HOME!

webb said...

What a great place to start your life together. It wwill be so much fun to make it your own. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Belleville...what a great area (hubby spent a couple of years there when his family first moved to Canada). Good luck with the looks amazing.

shira said...

Holy Moly! This is amazing news! Congratulations, Alison! xo

Jenn said...

Woohoo!!! What an absolutely beautiful home!! Can't wait to visit. Sending you lots of new-home love.

Sarah said...

AMAZING! Alison, we are all soooo happy for you! Me, Ryan + MJ all send big love. Your little church house is gorgeous!!! xoxo Sarah

Shades of pale said...

omg im in looooooove. CONGRATS
Ps if you are looking to maybe rent out your barn(area ) im getting Married in Sept next year yay!

Celine said...

Oh WOW!!! what a dream come true!!! the converted church looks amazing, what a great place to call home!

p.s. loving all your wedding photos and details! Your wedding was stunning!

Hollie said...

this is infinitely beautiful. i'd love a home like this for myself. that fireplace! many congratulations!

Juli said...

Congratulations! Gorgeous!

My Blog said...

Wow! WOW!! Just amazing, it's so beautiful! Congratulations on EVERYTHING! I thought I should catch up on the blog before I come into the shop on Friday :)
Going to subcribe now so I don't miss anymore!

Kinga said...

This is my happy for you! You must share photos when you're all moved in! Amazing!

Trish said...

Wow, how exciting!! Those huge, stain-glassed windows? The best. So gorgeous. Congratulations, Alison! :)

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