Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our wedding flowers!

I'm a wedding florist for gosh sakes and I kind of forgot to blog about our wedding flowers! Ha!

Leucadendron~ Blushing Bride (I think I may have chosen our date knowing this flower was going to be in season) The spiky texture of this flower juxtaposes the softness of the baby pink so beautifully. If I have a top five it's in my top five.

Queen Anne's lace another favourite flower(top three) of mine and my maid of honour and an obvious choice as the fields were exploding with them in a sea of lacy white magnificence.

A simple cluster of wildflowers plunked in a mason jar.

My bouquet, tied lovingly with gardeners twine not two hours before walking down the aisle. Queen Anne's lace with a rich purple scabiosa

Brittany's bouquet a simple cluster of greens with Queen Anne's lace

Small groupings of bullet allium, phlox, and astrantia fill old apothecary jars and vintage milk bottles.

Towering delphinium grown locally, of course :>

And finally the boutonnieres, I like to call them 'wispy clusters of love.' When I used to shoot weddings on the side of my acting career, it was not uncommon to see sad little boutonnieres, the flower slumped over and hanging on by a single thread of fiber after only minutes of saying "I Do." I vowed, never, NEVER will I make a boutonniere that will fall to bits under a good hug. Hug away my dear grooms! Did anyone happen to notice the little white bunnies on Tyler's tie?

All photos by Joseph and Jaime

It's the same ol' story of the plumber with a leaky faucet, the chef who orders take out and the cobbler with holes in her shoes.
I was making boutonnieres while Rachel was doing my make up! I hadn't realized that perhaps I should have started the wedding flowers a few days before, heck, you only need them to last one day! All that said, I loved the simplicity of it all. Big fluffy clusters of Queen Anne's lace spilling out of rusted sap buckets, hand tied bunches of lavender any and every spot we could hang it and simple bouquets of wild flowers ended up being more than I could have ever hoped for. Coriander Girl is never over fussed so why would my wedding flowers be any different? Any regrets? I should have warn a hand made floral head wreath. We've been doing a lot of these lately but I didn't have the time. Perhaps I'll wear one if we decide to renew our vows in ten years. Oh it's on!
And it's time for possibly the last wedding post next week which will include details about our amazing DJ, our lovely and talented MC's and the gorgeous musicians.
Thank you so much for sticking with me as I share these details. One day, I'm going to be so glad I documented the wedding this extensively. So much for my 3 part series!
Alison xo


anabela / fieldguided said...

Just gorgeous. And you're so right about the boutonnieres -- my brother got married this summer and I remember teasing my dad about his floppy boutonniere as soon as we left the church! Very thoughtful of you!

Celine said...

I am always so happy when I go to a wedding and the flowers are done by you!! I absolutely adore your work! And again, your wedding is just perfect!

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Anonymous said...

Queen Anne's lace another favourite flower(top three) of mine and my maid of honour and an obvious choice as the fields were exploding with them in a sea of lacy white magnificence. wedding flowers

Anonymous said...

Queen Anne's lace another favourite flower(top three) of mine and my maid of honour and an obvious choice as the fields were exploding with them in a sea of lacy white magnificence. wedding flowers

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