Friday, September 24, 2010

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Hello dear darlings!
Where've you guys been? Oh it's me who's been away... I see. ; >
Well, the good news is that this Coriander Girl is getting some serious r and r. Tyler and I have been exploring our new community and we're falling madly, deeply in love with it. We're also in the early planning stages of our wedding and I'm blogging about it weekly for Weddingbells.
In other news, the shop is doing so well! My right hand woman Kerri, well-what can I say? She's breakin' necks and cashin' cheques. Well, maybe not breaking necks cuz that would be bad but she's busy being super awesome, just look at her beautiful work below!

And my dear friend Erin Candela(artist extraordinaire) is taking a few shifts here and there to help out and she is also ah-mazing! To know that the shop is in such good hands while I'm away, it's really very magnificent.
New product is arriving daily, some from vendors you're already familiar with like Ella's Botanicals and The Philosophers Stone- which, by the way, is such beautiful art. These stones are cored and then worked on for hours and my goodness they are stunning vessels.

And guess who's back in full effect... The Sassy-ist Lamb in town! The Sassy Lamb! Jaime Dobbs has done it again with her sweet little garden aprons for that special gardening friend of yours. Heck, buy one for yourself and I'll pay the tax on both of them if you mention this post.

It's my favourite time of year and I'm feelin' like dancin'!!! Who's with me?!!
Click it and kick it!

Alison xo


labonnefemme1 said...

I NEED to cuddle that bunny.

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hiya Alison, So glad to hear you are settling in and getting to know "the Quinte" area!
Just to let you know, my friend, Dee, has opened a new shop in Stirling (just north west of Belleville) I did a post about her store, "Simply Eclectic", on my blog. She is having an Open House at the new store on Oct 1st and 2nd.
I am going to TO next month and am going to try and find your store and check it out.
Take care.

Janessa said...

Oh my goodness!!! That bouquet is absolutely stunning!!! I can't handle it!!!

Candlewick5 said...

So I have just happened on your Blog and Je"t Adore or sum such french thing. I have read back to the start and I love the way you tell a story,Love your enthusiasm for all things beautiful especially pups and bunnies. I will follow your adventures and flower stories....being from Australia it is a joy to read about other people's lives and happening.

Unknown said...

Hi!!! I'm reading your blog today, for the first time ever and I'm in love with it!! My congs!
I would be glad if you come and visit me!

Simple Daisy said...

The bunny...The bouquet....The apron...they're all lovely!!!

Shades of pale said...

Thanks for your super sweet comment!
I <3 your bunny!
xo Jenny

Unknown said...

How to Take Care of an English Bulldog Puppy
That is the funniest picture! What a pose! You should enter it into a pet photo contest! He looks like quite the character. Thanks for the laugh! Happy Monday! Hugs, Leena

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