Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sir Fig Newton and the CG gift guide

I have a shop mouse. I've decided to call him Sir Fig Newton because I think that's what I found him eating in the rubbish bin this morning. And, well, since he's here beside me, WE are very pleased to bring you Coriander Girl's gift guide. We went around the shop today taking pictures of things we think you and your loved ones should have this holiday season, okay that's not true he sat in a coffee cup while I did all the work but he does have this to say, "Listen here humans, anyone can go to big box stores and buy lots of super fun stuff but you aren't supporting local shops like this one that need your dollars to stay alive." Pretty profound for a baby rodent wouldn't you say? Am I using Sir Fig as a cheap ploy to get you to shop at my store...most definitely.

There he is the little doodle. And yes those are his arms splayed out like he's yelling, "stop, don't shoot!" Ah-mazing.

Honey Pie Hives and Herbals $12.50 gift bag!

The Merrill Inn's famous Waupoos Cider for that foodie friend of yours $10

A $25 bouquet is always a hit! Bring in a vase and I'll fill it for you!

$5 posies make a great inexpensive hostess gift, drop it in an apothecary bottle or milk glass vase for $10

Local artisan Frank Trotz makes beautiful vessels for that special someone from $45

The Sassy Lamb has made whimsical aprons for that gardening friend of yours $28

What a perfect way to spread joy with a set of three Philosopher Stones from $18

Other gifts to consider, Coriander Girl gift certificates, Erin Candela cards and botanical prints, Shira Leuchter letterpress Christmas cards, framed pressed flowers starting at $60 and Ella's Botanicals lotions and soaps.

So come on down, Sir Fig Newton and I implore you. Okay no, he's still not really participating but rather having a good go at a wheat thin I tossed in recently.
xo Alison


Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hello Alison!
What is in the Honey Pie gift bag for $12.50? Would you consider bringing a few to Belleville where I could pick them up?
I think Sir Fig Newton is cute, but let me just say that if I found him eating Fig Newtons in MY cupboard, he would NOT be feasting on Wheat Thins at this moment!! LOL!!
Regards, Laura

jen wardle said...

I looove Bay's stuff!! So happy to see you carry it in your shop!!

Janessa said...

Aw, cute! Sir Fig is adorable! I'd let him stay too -- a shop mouse must be good luck. Is he rummaging in a plastic bag in that photo?!?

Casey said...

Sir Fig Newton is insanely cute! Wish you were closer (i'm in Florida), but just found your blog and I adore it. :)


Shades of pale said...

Those little poise bouquets made my day! Happy holidays
xo Jenny @City Cottage shop :)

Coriander Girl said...

Hi Laura!
I've pretty much sold out of the gift bags, which had one small honey and a soap. I've got soaps left and larger bottles of honey and candles also. Let me know if I can bring any of that back for you!

Bay Woodyard said...

Happy Solstice Alison! Thanks for the Honey Pie love! Hi Jen Wardle - love you too....

kelinci said...

wow cool cg guide.

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