Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coriander Girl on Style Me Pretty!?

This summer Coriander Girl did bouquets and boutonnieres for the loveliest couple Alex and Lia. When Lia and I met I sort of freaked out when I learned her last name was Parsley, like fate had flung us together. Parsley and Coriander? I know! Anyway this beauty just sent me a note with a link to their amazing wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. I am a huge fan of this wedding site, it's an absolute thrill to be a part of this! Congratulations Alex and Lia!

Photography by Mango Studios.

Alison xo


LifeBegins@Thirty said...

SO cool!! Congratulations!

The Sassy Lamb said...

wow! nice work! I love that blog too. What an honour to be included with them and WHAT a beautiful wedding. I want that dress!

Lia said...

I have to concur that meeting you was almost serendipitous Alison! You were too much fun to work with and I can't thank you enough for your beautiful work! *just* what I had dreamed of. xo

flwrjane said...

Congratulations my lovely. we in the blog world are very proud of you.

What a beautiful bride. Love the burlap wrap.

Wonder what you'll carry...

xo jane

Janessa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janessa said...

Oh my god! I love it all -- an entire bouquet of babies breath?!? And that BRIDE! (hello, Lia!) with her gorgeous blonde braid?!? And that dress!!!

I am so proud of you, Coriander Girl!

I am also going to cut back on my coffee intake. :)

Alison Barber said...

Beautiful Al, simple and stunning. I have a crush on your work.

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Good Monday Morning Alison,
Honey, your flower arrangements and bouquets are exquisite!! They are poetic!!! Congratulations to you!!
Stop by my blog and read about one of my favorite Belleville stores, Funk & Gruven A-Z. It is just up the street from you. I bet you have already been in there, but incase you haven't it is worth a visit.
Take care!
Warm hugs, Laura

Daniella said...

Oh yay! Congrats! That's so exciting...

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