Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Root toot doodle doot Tuesday!

I love Tuesday! For me it's my Monday because the shop is closed on Monday and today it's back to business as usual or rather, unusual actually. There is nothing usual about my day. The only thing consistent is putting the key in the door at 11am and closing up at 7pm. The way my day unfolds is always a surprise. This morning "Jacques" came early and I chose the most divine things from his flower truck of beauty. I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit now. In fact, Hall and Oats is singing Jingle Bell Rock on the radio this very minute! Oh Oats, you gave us so much and Hall, you guys were the best. Is there a re-union rumor? If anyone can confirm this, I'd be really pleased!
Well, I'm off to finish my little duties for the day!
Happy Tuesday everyone!
Alison : > xo