Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Why does snoop dog carry an umbrella? For drizzle! (This is Tyler's joke and every time he tells it I chime in all self satisfied with my own version)
And why does Snoop dog go to Germany? For schnitzel! Ha! Tyler laughs every time, he must really love me!
So, it's been a nice steady day. You know what "they" say? Slow and steady wins the race. With some time on my hands I did a little research here at the shop and guess what? Hall and Oats don't need a come back they never left!
I know! But I still feel like kickin' it ol' school!

I encourage you to invoke your inner black panther! A little "maneating" can be good for you! And I mean this in the most innocent possible way! (Had to come back in and edit this post- didn't mean for it to sound so x-rated!
When I say I imagine a Tyler buffet and spending all day at the dessert bar, I mean because he's just as sweet as a little cheesecake! You know?

This picture of him as a ghostbuster really does it for me. What a doodle! And those glasses! Too bad he has 20/20 vision. Just kidding, we love that his eyes are healthy!
I can't wait for that day off tomorrow. Apparently I need to go find my marbles!
xoxo Alison : >
P.S. I just made the cutest posie for the dearest lady. We had a good chat about life and love and health. Sometimes I feel like a therapist. I'm your friendly neighborhood florapist!