Friday, December 11, 2009

New stuff!

They're little doodle hats in the softest alpaca wool you've ever felt!

They kind of make me wanna have a lil' doodle right now. Tyler! I love imagining our noodle in hand knit oatmeal sweaters and organic cotton diapers. Tyler is going to be a good dad someday.

Introducing The Sassy Lamb!
I'd like to welcome my friend Jaime Dobbs to the club, you know the one, Women who plan to take over the world with their amazingness! She knits, she plans parties and caters events and she'll even photograph the event too! Watch out Martha!
I'd like to dedicate a song to Jaime and ask you all to send out positive vibes for her new business as you dance around your house or apartment or even at the office! Let's kick it fools! Way to go warrior lady!
Click here!
Alison : > xo


Lou said...

Alison....I have tears in my eyes as I write this but I can't say much because I have to jump up and dance around my living room!


Anonymous said...

I saw these lovely little doodle noodle hats and they made me want to have a little doodle noodle myself with my man! That's how lovely these are. Ali, you are the cutest. Highest 5 to you today. And rock! Can't wait to meet you. t xo

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