Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Sweat til ya can't sweat til ya can't sweat no mo" c+c music factory

My first official crisis(well almost) as a flower shop owner. Yesterday, A very dear woman named Barbara and her two lovely sisters came into the shop. They needed a flower arrangement for today to honor their mothers recent passing. My fridge was empty but I assured them that my flower guy, Jack "Jacques", wasn't far away and after his delivery I would have everything I needed to make them an arrangement their mum would have loved. I called and learned that Jacques had tried me earlier at the shop but I wasn't open. He would not be back my way. We almost agreed for him to leave flowers up at Pusateri's with my newest bf Tanya but that didn't feel right so, I said, "it's okay, I'll figure something out." I called different places near the airport, everyone was closed and definitely not open on Sunday. One last try to Can-mex. The woman insisted that someone would be there at seven o'clock this morning and I let out a gigantic sigh of relief.
Alarm goes off this morning at 6:00. I arrive at Can-mex by 7:15. I wait...and wait.....and wait...7:30...7:45...8:00...8:15...PANIC! I'm sitting in the car with it turned off and the cold has slowly seeped in to where I can now see my breath. My thought process, "She said they were open...she must have made a mistake....she thought today was Monday! Shit! Shit! Shit! Barbara's flower arrangement!...What do I do?.....Not only am I without flowers but by the time I get them I still have to construct this thing and get it over to the family all before 11:00am...I will not go to Loblaws! I would sooner jump in the lake than go to Walmart plus, the family needs pesticide free florals so I definitely can't go to Walmart!!! I won't do it!" I wasn't going to break! I wasn't giving up! Everything always works out!
And then the Can-mex truck pulled in, the owner popped out all jolly like and apologized for being a little late. I practically hugged him and ran inside to get everything I needed! Official crisis averted!
I like how Barbara's arrangement turned out. I think her mum would have liked it too.

Get your hands on this song and crank it up! Dance for your life and the treasures you've been given! I'm dancing right now!
"Everybody dance now...Everybody dance now...Everybody dance now...Come on let's the music take control let the rhythm move you...sweat...sweat...let the music take control...let the rhythm move you...da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da dow!!!!" Woooooh!
Click here if you wanna dance!!

xo Alison
See you Tuesday!