Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Peaks and Valleys

Well, it's cold and blue out there but warm and toasty and colorful in here. Gosh, I keep pinching but I'm not waking up from this dream yet. You know in Vanilla Sky, when Tom Cruise keeps waking up to his miserable reality- I fear this sometimes. I think because I've gone through some scary stuff in my life. In fact, much like in Vanilla Sky, eight years ago, my face just decided one half didn't want to work anymore. It's called Bell's Palsy and it can manifest from stress or a neurological disorder like multiple sclerosis. I spent almost a year in and out of hospital like a lab rat. I had a spinal tap which left me unable to sit up for a month in shear agony because the hospital didn't follow procedure correctly after the spinal. The muscles eventually started doing there thing again but the fear of not having my face work at all or even the same was all consuming. And as a 20yr old aspiring actress, my face was my business. Thankfully, I was assured my case was stress induced and that was that. People get diagnosed everyday with serious illness. We have to rejoice that we have our health, we have to be thankful for every moment with our loved ones. It's easier said than done because life can be so hard. Here at the flower shop people come in and buy flowers for the ones they love, or hope to love, or apologize to for not loving enough and it's a daily reminder for me to celebrate Tyler, my family and friends. I'm so looking forward to a couple days off over Christmas to share with them.

A birthday bouquet for Jesse's girlfriend. Spread the love people! It's contagious!

I wish you all love on this cold December night.
Alison xo