Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lil' doodle

Look at this lil' doodle! It's kia! She came to visit me with her mama Nicole, owner of Belly catering. This little noodle dog is definitely in the running to becoming Coriander Girl's next top doodle.

And then I made some bouquets.

I heart Tuesdays. My first working day of the week is always full of wonder! Jacques brought amazing things on his flower truck today and he played 'ol blue eyes' for me as I pointed out the flowers I couldn't leave behind. I think I threw a high kick when I heard, "Start spreadin' the news." Now, I understand how Karyn from The Workroom feels when fabric suppliers come visit her. Do I really need five different kinds of Leucadendron? Yes I do!
Goodnight dear hearts!


Avery said...

now that little doodle is pretty darn cute!! What a mischievous face!

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