Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Introducing Coriander Girl

Hello and welcome to my blog regarding all things botanic and any other points of interest I may feel compelled to share with you! My name is Alison, I'm thirty years old, I live in Toronto and I am so pleased to have recently opened the door to Coriander girl, my flower/antique shop, which sits humbly in the heart of Parkdale. I couldn't imagine opening anywhere else but in my very own beloved community. It's been an absolute dream come true. Every morning I put the key in my door and I have to pinch myself. I'm surrounded by things that I love, colorful blooms and delicious smells of lavender and rosemary. When somethings fills you with endless joy, you must pursue it. I believe now more than ever that people are born to do certain things. My love for gardening began in College, when I worked for a small landscape design company. Like a little sponge, I soaked up as much information as I could about every plant and the endless varieties. I learned how to cultivate happy, healthy plants and enjoyed nothing more than to create little vignettes at home with fresh cut flowers. In college, I pursued my passion for acting and have been a working actress in the city for well over five years. I decided years ago that I would open a shop that included my love for gardening, fresh flowers, and all things design, but hadn't thought it would happen quite so soon. Life has a way of catapulting me into action and thanks to my incredible renovating father, who taught me my way around a job site, my dream became the loveliest of realities. We worked tirelessly, with the help of many great people. A special thank you to my boyfriend Tyler, for his endless encouragement and continued support and to his mother, my very dear friend Penny, for her hard work and friendship. My mama and pop sold me their car and supplied the paint for the shop, they will never know how much I adore them. I can't thank them enough for all that they've done. And to my Nana, who is a warrior woman and inspires me daily to live truthfully and to seek beauty, always.
I'm down at the market almost every morning so that I can bring you the freshest flowers, locally grown or from ethical companies abroad. And I'm constantly sourcing unique pieces to sell in the shop. Coriander Girl is open Tuesday to Saturday from eleven to seven and Sunday from twelve to five. I'm closed on Mondays. Please come by and say hello!
Alison Westlake


r= said...

i can't wait to check this shop out! :)

Sandra D said...

Hello! Lookit that picture of you two cuties. I could just bite both your cheeks off and chew them right up.

Here I am!

Denise Fasanello said...

your shop is so cute! congrats!

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