Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween window

So...Halloween. The best day ever! It also happens to be my birthday which makes it a double whammy. I think you should know that I'm writing this and eating the most delicious piece of pumpkin cake. Yes, it has a perfectly spiced cream cheese icing.

When I was little I thought the rest of the world was celebrating my birthday by dressing up in scary costumes...I secretly still think this.

A quick anecdote that might lend some perspective. When I arrived at the shop this morning I noticed my mirror had fallen off of the wall and chipped my marble counter. I was really sad about it because from my tiny budget for the shop I splurged on this beautiful piece of marble. It was my one indulgent purchase. Tyler came in and I showed him what had happened. "The mirror didn't break." He said. "Two hard surfaces came in contact with such force and all but a tiny chip? This is good luck, that mirror should have shattered but instead everything is intact. Something is telling you just how lucky you are." Seven years of bad luck, if you believe in that sort of thing, is now seven years of good luck.
I hadn't thought about this. Perhaps we can all make the choice today to see the glass half full. Thanks for that my love.

Alison xo

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