Saturday, October 17, 2009


I woke up today to find an article written about Coriander Girl on blogTO. Charlotte wrote such lovely things about the shop. I feel like she really understood what I'm trying to do here. I should confirm one discrepancy however, my parents did both live in Parkdale when they were young, but I didn't grow up here renovating houses. When I was little, we moved with my mother to Trenton. I'd visit my dad in Toronto on the weekends, and help on various job sites. That's where I developed my reno cred, ye ye.

A few posies for a wedding at Poor Johns Cafe tonite.

Petrie stopped in to see me today. Her mother, Amanda, is a dear friend from my Caban days. Can I get a cable knit sweater like that in my size? Littlest doodle.

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