Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A day in the life of a shopgirl

I pressed the snooze button on my alarm six times this morning. I scarfed down some muesli, cleaned myself up, kissed the boy and headed out the door for my floral supplier.
The car made some unhappy noises this morning, I'm hoping it was just mimicking my slow start and not actually suffering from any real problems.
I arrived at the shop with a full trunk of flowers but popped across the street to Poor John's for my tea before the real work began. Usually it's coffee but I'm trying to be healthier.
I washed my buckets, cleaned the fridge, the floors and prepared the stems for the last leg of their journey. I think of my shop as intensive care for botanicals. I keep them comfortable.
Things are progressing nicely here at Coriander Girl. I've made a wonderful friend and business contact, Melanie Ollenberg, of Korechanges. She is supplying the shop with the most beautiful, seasonal wreaths. I'll have a picture soon.
Also, I've made the decision to carry handmade soap and jewelry by local artisans. Stay tuned!

A new canine friend, Ernie! Thanks Sandy and Erin for stopping by. I had another friend from years ago pop in, Andrea. She owns a clothing store in Rosedale called Nyla. check it out!


Avery said...

ok, now you're getting me in touch with Parkdale - I must check out Poor John's and Yoga Queen (from your photos).

Looking forward to the handmade soap and jewelery!

Have a good Wednesday!

Moon and Sparrow Sandy said...

You are too cute.
Man, I have a CUTE DOG don't I?
Your store is too gorgeous. I'm so glad we got to know eachother on this quick visit -- I might go cut all my hair off right now. Keep you posted.

Jenn said...

"Intensive care for botanicals"...oh, I just love that!! I'm also loving your blog! You're wonderful shopgirl. I can't wait to see the new things you have happening at your beautiful store.