Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Today an angry woman karate kicked my sandwich board over. It read, "honk if you're thankful for Parkdale" I guess she's not.
I've got the door open to the shop and I can hear the leaves rustling by along with the traffic. The days have been cool but the warmth of the sun can still be enough to shed your sweater for a minute or two. It's hard for me to let summer go. I'm one of those cold people and so to lose those warm summer days can be a big adjustment for me. I'm finally incorporating the lovely colors of fall in to my arrangements. People are really responding to the rusty reds and rich purples. I have a thing for berries and you'll see them regularly in my bouquets. Angelune stopped in today with her boyfriend Ian and there sweet dog. I love when dogs come to visit me, please bring your dog by for a treat anytime! Coriander Girl is totally dog friendly. A special shout out to my canine girls who visit regularly; Maisy, Kia, and Hadu- you bitches rock!
Tonite Tyler and I are off to the country to visit our parents, they live within twenty minutes of each other. We think this is pretty amazing.
I'll be back at the shop on Tuesday with fresh stock. Below are some photos of the wedding I did with the help of my amazing friend Kerri. She is responsible for the Calla lily bouquets and the orchid corsages. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Alison xo


Hawk Eyes said...

I just adore those white Calla lily bouquets. That's my "cup of tea". Let me know when you get some more in and I'll pop in on my way home.

Anonymous said...

woah, I just re-found your blog... you've been busy! thanks for the shout out! I'll be coming by soon for some poinsettias.

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