Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh Honey!

The sun is shining but the air is crisp. The shop is cool, the flowers prefer it and I'm glad they're content but me, I like being warm in the bones.
It's been a good week end. Lovely people popping in through out the day and now it's time to scrub the buckets, sweep the floor and turn the lights out. We're out of town tomorrow and doing some much needed antiquing for the shop. I hope to bring back a trunk load of treasures!
The shop is bursting with more delicious soaps, teas and candles by Honey Pie Hives and Herbals. And, honey!!! They brought honey and it won't last long! I swear they must have little Buddha bees. The lavender honey makes me want to throw open the doors and sing "the hills are alive!"

Good night dear darlings.
Alison xo


Jessica said...

have you read "the secret life of bees"? it's on my top ten list of favourite books - I think you would like it - happy antiquing!

Courtney said...

I really wish your shop was closer because I'd pop by in a second! Hope you have a great day of antiquing!

Teal said...

Beautiful display of products. I recognize some of them from Honey Pies... Totally love them, the quality of products is outstanding.
Love your Blog and I haven't been at your store, but I will when visiting TO.
Please come by when you have a chance.

erika.jayde said...

if at all possible, you are more adorable in person than online. an impressive feat considering your prolific use of the term "doodle", your frequently photographed dance parties and your penchant for gangster rap.

i saw your gorgeous spread in house&home and told everyone i know about how i do, but don't really know you! i'm such a fan and rooting for your every success!

*junkrestore* said...

you just grew another fan :)

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