Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Celebrating Toronto's Dreamers

Our Neighbourhood magazine is hot of the press and I'm so excited to have been a part of this very important and exciting publication. Our Neighbourhood is a free, independently owned community based magazine devoted to supporting small businesses in Toronto. I was introduced to the magazine by Andrew John Virtue Dobson, a writer for the publication and food critic extraordinaire. He sold me an ad in the market place section and not long after, they informed me that they wanted to include me in their business profile section. This was all great news and I felt really fortunate for the way things were progressing. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I learned I would be gracing this issues cover! Holy moly!
I'm telling you, joy breeds success. I am losing my mind with glee and humbled by my good fortune. Be sure to read the profiles of all the exciting new businesses popping up in Toronto. Way to go dreamers!
If you're interested in getting involved in the next issue of Our Neighbourhood you should contact Andrew Dobson for more information. Congratulations to Roger Tumminiera, founder and publisher of Our Neighbourhood, for taking his own leap of faith and pursuing his dream of starting a magazine!
My endless thanks to both Andrew and Roger for including Coriander Girl in Our Neighbourhood.
It's a good day.
Check back tomorrow to see pics of all the great vintage finds from our road trip when we went to see the parents this past week end. And, Coriander Girl will be introducing a new food product that you are going to die for!
Big squeeze Coriander G's!
Peace out.


Aprile said...

Ohh congratulations Alison, it looks so nice! Sounds like a great little publication, where do I find myself a copy?

Coriander Girl said...

You can find them in restaurants, offices, any where that you might see an Eye Weekly or a NOW. I have a thousand copies at the shop and I'd be happy to hook you up!

Shades of pale said...

So exciting!!!

sweetie pie press said...


Jennifer Hicks said...

congratulations! what a truly special shot of you and an amazing profile of you incredible business!!!!