Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Merrill Inn

I am seriously over the moon on this one! Coriander Girl is pleased to introduce, coming to you live from the highly acclaimed Merrill Inn in Prince Edward County, Michael Sullivan's own fine foods and 'Catherine's Own' delicious preserves. Now you can make a meal that tastes as incredible, as long as you don't over steam the veg or burn the toast, as the dinner you would enjoy at the beautiful Merrill Inn restaurant.

If you can't make it to the county, it's okay cuz I've brought the county to you! The Spiced Pear and Tomato Chutney is beckoning me from across the room to open a jar and dig in, the Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Oil is taunting me to drizzle it over everything, the package of 2 County Wine Jellies are screaming to be slathered on a steamy buttery tea biscuit, while the Waupoos Cider Salad Dressing yearns to be poured over a bed of crisp greens with crunchy caramelized pecans. Oh man, that's just the beginning!

My darling Tyler once worked in the restaurant for Edward and Amy Shubert, proud owners of the Merrill Inn and the kindest, most sincere people you'll ever meet. It was there, that Tyler learned the importance of quality food service and has maintained that standard for himself. Edward and Amy are highly regarded in the hospitality industry with over twenty years experience and Michael Sullivan their chef remains one of the top chefs in the country. So, the fact that you can now bring some of that decadence home, well doesn't it just rock your socks off!?

Some amazing finds this week end while visiting our folks. My favorite score is a tin that reads, 'Beef minute steaks.' Beef in a tin, sure. We took a drive north with Bill and Penny and had quite the time sifting through barns and people's front yards and back yards and their sheds too. I love to dig! They know I'm crazy and they support me every step of the way. The Hogans just bought a pizzeria, I know! And man can they make a mean pie! Bill's burger is one of the best I've ever had! Go visit them at Vito's in Foxboro next time you're passing through. Tell them Cori G sent you and you're sure to be greeted with a giant hug and probably one when you leave too. Love you guys!
And Coriander Girl officially bought her parents car. It's a vibe, yeah I'm hip. They treat their cars like children and it's basically brand spanking new. Thanks mum and pop. The license plate isn't my favorite but my two options were, BJFW 462 or BJFU 242. Wow.
xo Alison


Daniella said...

Hello! Just wanted to let you know... I did a feature on you over on my blog Dress, Design & Decor... I can't wait till I get a chance to come visit your shop! It looks so neat...

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh yum they look gorgeous.

Saw your wonderful store over at Daniella's...just beautiful.

Urbanstems said...

Hi Coriander girl, I just found your blog and I am sooo happy I did! I cant resist a good florist shop (cos there are way too many mediocre ones out there!!)I might be some distance away(Ireland) but I know a good one when I see one..congrats on your article in House and Home.I saw your blog from a comment redbungalow left on frolic's sneek peak spring flowers post. Thanks x

Erin Candela said...

You amazing lady! I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog! Every time I read it, I find something new to make me smile. Congratulations on all your recent successes! YAY HAPPY DAY! xx e

martha brown said...

Oh, yum! I've been in your store a few times -- but didn't realize that you had a blog until I saw it on Daniella's blog! I'll be back!

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