Friday, April 16, 2010

Pass me a fig leaf

I've suddenly become aware of myself in this very odd way. Like when Eve realized she was, in fact, naked. This blog isn't just for me to offend my parents anymore with vintage porn, people are out there and their reading! You! Are you new to this blog, do you like rap? Because occasionally, in and amongst soft and pretty floral arrangements I throw down some gangsta rap beats. You don't have to be okay with it, in fact, you don't have to click on the link at all, but you need to know that it's out there. Lately I'm more inclined to post a link to a lovely french song but this might just be a phase I'm going through. Either way, like it or not, I'm gonna keep on writing the way I do because it's me and I have to be me. And we want real this days, yes?
How lucky am I to have such love in my life though, no matter how big a fool I can be. When all is said and done my relationships will have been the greatest achievements of my life. Tyler Hogan, the man behind Coriander Girl, is my rock solid gorgeous hunk of man and continues to amaze me on a daily basis. He is making incredible strides in his life and deserves an award for being so completely awesome! Hands are raising some serious roof right now.
Who do you love more than bacon or tofurky? Kiss em' right now and hug em' and hold em' extra long. It feels so good to love somebody and to be loved right back.
Also, huge love today for my Muma and Papa and Coriander Dad and my brother Josh and Mama Penny and Big ball Billy Hogan and friends and loved ones and customers and your babies and your doodle pets too!
Don't worry, I'm okay just needing everyone to know that although I don't have the time to spend with you these days, you're in my heart. Werd.
Alison xo


Karen said...

You are too cute! Please don't change. Thank you for having fun and not taking yourself too serious. AND for sharing the beautiful things you create.

Jenny said...

How about this rap(?) video (for your amusement)

So ridiculously hilarious. How does this actually exist?!

Shades of pale said...

It was so nice to meet you and you are the sweetest gal ive met! hehe
Please stop by my shop if ever in Little ol Bowmanville.

Deborah said...

lol You are too cute!
Nice to meet you!
What lovely flowers and arrangements. Im following you!

Deborah :)