Sunday, April 25, 2010

A real day off!?

Still counting my blessings and thanking my lucky stars. I don't have rabbits feet but on occasion I gently rub the pussy willows that sit in the shop window. A friend of mine was getting a wax and while taking a washroom break, she looked down at the counter to see my little face staring back at her. How bizarre and wildly fun. I've had such an incredible response from these publications and I just can't express enough, clearly because I'm still talking about it, my sheer gratitude for these wonderful opportunities. It's wedding season and I'm so excited about the number of couples who have expressed interest in my work. I just did my first wedding of 2010 this week end and I'm thrilled with the final results. The bouquets were bright candy colors and slightly more structured than I'm used to but I seriously dug the end result. Thank you to Kerri for being my right hand on this one. I call her Master Yoshi. Yes, from the Ninja Turtles. Congrats to Jane and Jim, we wish you the most glorious life together!

And tomorrow I sleep and sleep and sleep. Hopefully until 8 am. The construction starts around then and it's pretty much game over. Poop. I need a good nine hours to get back on track but I'll settle for seven. Yay, a real day off! Espresso on a nice patio day! And then 8 hours of tax prep! Roof raising up in here.
We need a good dance! Who's with me?!!
Click it!
I'll have you know I just danced around the apartment like a mad fool, I may have had 2 Fruli's.
xo Alison


Urbanstems said...

Nice wedding work. Enjoy your day off! Good song choice -- woo hoo!! x

Shan Van said...

Very pretty! Love the bright pops of colour! If I could dance at work I would :) happy day!

erika.jayde said...

so beautiful!!!

Moon and Sparrow Sandy said...

LADY! May I just say that you are simply GORGEOUS in your beautiful shop in my very own issue of HOUSE AND HOME!! WEEE! Way to go lovely.

Also, those bouquets are perfect. I love the unusual colours, so bright and delicious. Go Cori G go!!


Melanie said...

Oh My!! I was just blog hopping and stumbled across yours. I feel as if I am staring at photos of my dream shop!!!! I am swooning!!!!

I am also your newest follower!:-)

Jenn said...

Wow! Beautiful bouquets!! You have such a talent for putting things together beautifully. Nice job.

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