Friday, January 29, 2010

With my mind on my money

I'm up to my eye balls in paper work, I really wish I had payed more attention in grade 11 accounting. Instead I passed notes back and forth with my best friend Brittany Smith about how fabulous our lives would be when we grew up and got out of that godforsaken place. That was true. We are leading fabulous lives and still best friends but gosh, I'm a terrible accountant. I just want to play with flowers all day but if I'm going to build this business into something worth anything I've got to be able to wear the business lady hat and, like a doctor, work my laser like a pro. I should be able to shout out stats at any given moment. "Today's sales are down from yesterday by 3.2%." "I'm forcasting, based on my calculations, a very prosperous 2019." But I can't confirm this yet.
Kids, pay attention. One day, you might want to run your own business...successfully.
Did I mention, I'm tired. Sorry, I'm usually sunshine and dance parties.
But today, "I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind." Snoop Dogg said it best but this is awesome.
Alison xo


Hawk Eyes said...

Tell me about it! But really, is one person expected to not only have vision, creativity, passion, positivity, motivation and energy as well as do the accounting?! We can only do our best, and you my dear are doing a fantastic job! In school I failed Math and opted for Fashion but if I can help. Holla.

karyn said...

hey al,

this was my most dreaded part. let me know if you need any advice. it ain't fun, but it's worth it. xok.

Arbitrary said...

Hey lovely lady!
Let me know if you will need any help. I can set-up a training session with you if you want one of these days and we can have everything organized pretty quickly. Once the system is developed and maintained the rest is cake or should I say flowers:)


Arbitrary said...

Also, I can help you develop monthly and yearly budgets and forecasts to keep your mind at ease. This is what I do all day every day. Gosh, I am such a boring person LOL:)