Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dance Sunday

This morning I had an important meeting with a lovely couple getting married this summer. I prepared samples of possible arrangements in various sized vintage jars and bottles.

This process has affirmed for me that this is what I was born to do. The joy I feel while working is overwhelming. I'm so blessed. I feel that my style is really developing and when I look back just a few months ago, I can see real growth. I confidently stated to the family that what they see is pretty much what I do, and aside from changing blooms and containers, ultimately they have to decide if they like my style.

Obviously, I want them to choose the florist they're most comfortable with and suits their needs best. It's an important day. I have a secret girl crush on Laroux, (bride to be). She's just the neatest gal in town, and her fiance and the rest of the family, well they're just so pleasant. Not sure if she reads the blog but if so, it's out of the bag. : >

It's pouring rain in the middle of January. How odd. That's why we need to have a dance party more than ever! Seek pleasure in every moment! On a dreary day like today, you need to dance harder than you normally would. Might I suggest you get your freak on and dance it off people. Old school MJ. I wish gangs would adopt his way of resolving conflict and have a dance off.
Click here and shake it!!

Peace out!!
Alison xo


Anonymous said...

Cori G! Your style inspires me and my work. You are such a breath of fresh air and it was so good to see these designs in person. I'm sure that Laroux is girl-crushing on you too - who wouldn't. Though I have to say, I'm mini jelosa. You rock. High 5.
Creative Flair-ist

Avery said...

Allison! I'm so happy for you! I'm glad you've found what you were born to do! I love your work and your style and I will continue to support you in that in whatever way I can! Have a happy Monday off!

Shan Van said...

I just found your blog and your STORE! Can't wait to visit it, possibly next Wednesday. Love your style. I have a secret dream to be a mom is and i used to help her. But now that I'm an adult and have a 'real' job, i do not have time . . . whoever asked me if I wanted to grow up!? :)