Friday, January 15, 2010

Feelin' the love

Valentine's day isn't far away and for all those people who say, "I don't need a day on the calendar to tell me to love my partner more." Oh poop! Lighten up and spread the love foo! And if you don't have someone to give it to, give yourself one big healthy dose of self lovin. I say this with only love in my heart, because for a time(relationships past) I rejected Valentine's day on the inside. Feeling this imposed pressure to give more love, when I felt I already gave enough but wished he gave more, but resenting the gifts he bought because he was obligated by the date. It turns out, in a healthy and happy relationship, Valentine's day is just another wonderful day of lovin without forced sentimentalism. You don't have to take part in the overly commercialized, "Hallmark" Valentine's day. You can just squeeze your doodle a little tighter that night, have some wine, some chocolate, and maybe recite a little Keats? Bring it!!!!

I love you all! And I totally understand if you still decide to reject this teddy bear squeezin', red rose lovin', overly sweet chocolate eatin', ridiculously contrived holiday. If you need to sit in a dark room and listen to death metal to get you through, I support. Maybe we should all send our love to Haiti, delivered in a giant heart hot air balloon. What a gift it would be If everyone gave a little.

Erin Candela knows how to spread the love with her beautiful art! Check out the Valentine's Day sandwich board she designed for the shop! Tonight at Poor John's cafe, Erin is having her art opening. It's titled 'Of Martyr's heroes and beasts.' Please come out tonight and support local art!!!
This week I've introduced her new line of sweet Valentine's Day cards. There's a whole lotta love happenin' up in here.
Come by for a visit and a hug.
Alison xo
P.S. Just caught word that my little shop was voted one of eight best new design stores for 2009 on BlogTO!! Woweee!! (A lot of fist pumping, Arsenio Hall style, and air humping currently taking place)


Erin Candela said...

Your bouquets and your store are just amazing, my little squeeze-box of flower-lovin'!!!! Way to go! You deserve every bit of it! xxe

Jenn said...

Wahooo!! Congrats...very, very well-deserved. xoxoxo

Goldfish Slot said...

Hallmark" Valentine's day. You can just squeeze your doodle a little tighter that night.
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