Saturday, January 16, 2010

This is too much fun!

The shine still hasn't warn off and probably never will. I feel like Corey Heart, I gotta wear my sunglasses at night yo.
How are all of you? Enjoying this balmy Saturday? This weather has been great for the shop as many people feel the need to come out of hibernation and live again! It's been a very busy day, full of challenges and triumphs. A lovely lady came in to order centre pieces the other day and we were both like, "I know you." Her name is Gillian, she's super cool and it turns out we took a class together at The Workroom. Ah, The Workroom, if you haven't been there yet, I beg you to check it out. Karyn Valino is over there rocking the worlds of crafty hopefuls and I believe responsible for a DIY revolution!

Gillian's centre pieces, chalk full of anemones, purple and white- glorious smelling freesia, lysianthus, hydrangea, berries and wax flower. Orgazmo! "Waiter, I'll have what she's having."

Just a minute ago some fabulous ladies came in the store, for a second time today, they were in earlier. Nancy bought my beloved turquoise Ransbottom vases. I'm a tad heart broken to see them go but so happy they went to someone who might just adore them as much as me. I think they went for a steal of a deal because I know how valued they are by their owners.
This song expresses how I feel. Click here and imagine the montage of moments between me and the vases.

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Moon and Sparrow Sandy said...

hahah! Woman, you crack me up!
Look at how lovely these arrangements are... you are such a natural. I need to blog right now. I feel inspired after reading this gleeful post.
Keep on rocking,