Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Note to self

When someone graciously offers you free vases that are otherwise going to be smashed, you take them! Just be prepared for 2 SKIDS to show up at your door. That's right 2 SKIDS.
If it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not. John, a kind person and patron of Coriander Girl, thoughtfully offered me these "27 high torpedo vases before taking them to the dump and I'm seriously greatful. These are crazy beautiful, quality glass vases that are worth at least $50 each. I would just like to point out the hilarity of me expecting ten of them. If you know anyone who is having an Italian wedding please, please send them my way.
Warren(lawyer beside me) took a few, Sean (gallery owner on the other side of me took a few), Coriander Dad took more than a few and already has his Christmas shopping done for next year.
I've got some plans up my sleeve for this stash of bad ass glass! Say that five times really fast. Stash of bad ass glass, stash of...

And then Maisy showed up. Have you met her yet? She is one of my best dog friends. Her mama, Karyn, my friend and owner of The Workroom, would bring Maisy to her shop, where I would come to take refuge daily. The Workroom became a second home. "Craft therapy" -that's what I called it. Sometimes I'd cry over my sewing machine. Karyn was amazingly supportive, whenever I cried she'd bring out the cake- okay so maybe it was "Craft and dessert therapy" But seriously, life was more manageable after a day of crafting and tea drinking. I'd pack up whatever bag I'd just made with all my supplies and trudge home through the snow to my apartment in the sky. I was six stories up and surrounded by windows. This new, sun filled apartment was the perfect place to heal. My new life as a single woman in search of truth and beauty began when I opened the door to #401. From here I learned how to be happy on my own. I decided I'd only pursue things that brought me pleasure. My goal was to surround myself with good people and to live joyously. I can't believe how far I've come and so many beautiful friends to thank. And everyday there was Maisy- sitting on the couch at The Workroom with her chin resting on my legs, as dependable and as loyal to me as a mother to her children. Maisy is definitely in the running to becoming Coriander Girl's next top doodle.


Denise Fasanello said...

Great post. Great score on the vases! Yes, follow what gives you pleasure. And eat cake!

Jessica said...

wow - who throws stuff like that out? good score! I have got to find some time to come and see you.

flwrjane said...

We love when customers recycle their vases our way. We give them a bunch of tulips or a small bouquet as a thank you. Sometimes it's a collection of milk glass vases, sometimes vintage Hall or Mccoy pottery, sometimes it's cracked and useless. But it's always exciting. Like your blog!

Sarah said...

I feel the same way about Maisy. She's been there for me, too - what a lovely dog friend. And what a lovely portrait of her, too!